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Top Three Autumn Wedding Themes in 2018

Top Three Autumn Wedding Themes in 2018

Inspiration abounds for wedding planning when the days are shorter, there's a chill in the air, and the trees change from hues of green to gold and rust.It’s Autumn; and wedding designers and brides are falling in love with three popular autumn wedding themes that really shine during this festive season. autumn wedding themes

Top Three Autumn Wedding Themes in 2018

  • “Fall in Love” Theme - Traditional but dynamic, this theme works great for backyard budget weddings!
  • “Let Love Grow” Theme - This Fall cactus theme is trending in the wedding-sphere. It is unique and opens up a warm desert color palette to play with.
  • “Perfect "Pear"' Theme - Earthy and sweet this is another trending theme for brides-to-be.
"Fall in Love" Wedding Theme
This one is a long time favorite for Fall weddings. The falling leaves, festivities of the season, and chill in the air are all great inspiration for a cozy intimate wedding and reception. The soft beiges, browns, and oranges are timeless and perfectly festive for this time of the year. For creative and budget conscious couples, utilizing pumpkins and fallen leaves in DIY decor can turn out spectacular at your reception. Must Have: One of our favorite trends for this theme is the dessert bar or party favors. S'mores are a really fun and tasty treat to give your guests as a thank you for attending! Or why not have a s'more bar at the dessert table? Links: Flowers | Photography | Cake | Cake Topper | Smores Favors autumn wedding theme inspiration
"Love Grows Here" Wedding Theme
Let’s face it, we don’t always think of that green spiky succulent when planning the decor for a wedding, but it's actually a totally romantic wedding theme! This hearty succulent is the perfect depiction of love that thrives despite the "dry times" in life. And, it's trendy! The cactus theme is taking over the design industry, and it's hit the wedding-sphere! It looks beautiful when paired with a rust, copper, and teal color palette. Must Have:  Desert weddings lend themselves to some pretty spectacular sunsets and clear night skies. What is more romantic than a reception with stargazing?! Don't forget to provide some warm blankets and hot drinks for your guests! Links: Flowers | Photography | Cake | Cake Topper | Cactus Favors desert fall wedding theme
Perfect "Pear" Wedding Theme
Pears are the royalty of the fruit kingdom making this wedding theme as sophisticated as it is sweet. It's no wonder it's made it as one of the top three autumn wedding themes. One of our favorite color palettes includes the deep rich hues of purple and crimson accented by the marigold coloring of the pear. It's also a no brainer on what to give your guests as favors: a delicious dessert pear!  Must Have: It was the Greek poet Homer who called pears a “gift of the gods.” Pears are celebrated around the world when paired with cheese and wine. Consider hosting your guests to a pear and wine tasting the week of your wedding! Links: Flowers | Photography | Cake | Cake Topper | Pear Favors autumn wedding themes
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Weddings from the World: Gypsy Weddings

Wedding FamilyWe have been visiting different cultures for the last weeks so you know more about how wedding traditions are in other places of the world and in case you want to theme your wedding based on a culture. This week, it is the turn of gypsies. Gipsy weddings are unique, full of color, celebration and fun, let’s learn more about them. First of all, you should know that if the bride is not a virgin, she cannot get married unless she finds a man who is not married and wants to marry her despite that. To determine if the bride is a virgin, she has to pass the “test of the handkerchief” which consists of getting the bride into a private room and extract blood from her hymen. The “ajuntaora” uses a handkerchief and it must show three roses to prove her virginity, otherwise, the girl cannot get married. Once they pass the test, the wedding celebration starts. All guests will break their shirts to show joy. The couple will be raised over shoulders and everyone will throw caramelized almonds while singing. The wedding dress is actually two dresses. One is pink and goes under representing femininity and the other one, white, represents purity. The dress must always be new and purchased by the bride’s father. The groom wears a conventional suit. Usually the religious ceremony is Christian; however, some gypsies are married at the Roma rite and by the Catholic or evangelistic church while others are just married by the Roma rite. The bridesmaid and best man are usually the same of baptism and some other times, uncles. The pastor usually invites the “church’s elderly man” who, out loud, recites a mix of prayers and petitions for the couple. Gypsy weddings usually last for several days and they have a huge feast. This may also vary from the region where the gypsies are settled. The gypsy wedding ceremony is all full with hymns or spiritual songs played by guitars and other instruments. Everybody sings in unison so it is basically a chorus coordinated by a director. They are always sung in groups, preventing them individually. So they enjoy a chorus that will be coordinated by a director.
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Eco Friendly Wedding Guestbooks

Spring and summer weddings are great for embodying renewal, exuberance, and passion and one thing you may be passionate about that will add to this embodiment is using environmentally friendly materials in your daily life (and now your wedding). There are a lot of things you can do to create an Eco friendly wedding, but one small place you can start is with that paper filled guestbook that may one day sit on a shelf or in a box somewhere in your home.

For a Spring Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding Collectibles - Tiger Lily Bouquet Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook

Spring time is one season that people tend to be more aware of their environment: We see trees regrowing, flowers blossoming, and there is just that vibe in the air that tells that everything is new. Not only is this a great concept to have alongside a wedding where you are entering excitedly into a new life as a married woman, but it also openly invites an Eco friendly wedding focus. Additionally, you will find a lot of Eco friendly products featuring floral or earthy tones that tend to fit best with a spring wedding.

Peach Rose Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook

Floral Eco friendly guestbooks and pens like the one featured above will help you help the environment and create that blossoming wedding of your dreams

If you are looking for a more summery look or a beach theme Wedding Collectibles also has beach themed Eco friendly guestbooks and pens! Hawaiian Beach Ocean Themed Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook   The above wonderfully unique beach themed and Eco friendly guest book is perfect for a summer beach themed wedding. The natural Thai mulberry (Saa) paper coloring is even reminiscent of those soft sandy shores.

Beach Palm Tree Natural Paper Wedding Pen- Yellow

And to top off that beachy and Eco friendly look, you can include a handmade palm tree pen made out of the same Eco friendly products as your guestbook. You could even include these cute palm tree pens as part of your wedding favors!

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2 Gifts to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

2 Gifts to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

Sneak Peak: Ashley + Anthony’s Wedding All of the time when people think about weddings they first think of the bride and then of the mother and the bride and how exciting it must be for the mom, but there are a lot of daddy's girls out there and fathers that would even surprise their daughters with how excited they are for their daughter. Father's have a tendency of showing a little extra emotion on the day of his baby girls wedding. We want to help you highlight the role he has in your wedding and in your life. Here are two simple ways to help you let your father know what he means to you!

  1. Gift him With Special cuff links to Proudly Wear on the Wedding day.Father Of Bride CufflinksCuff links are a perfect way to give your dad a little something extra that designates him as the father of the bride. You can bet that he will wear these proudly and may even find an excuse to wear them at his next business meeting or with his Sunday best!
  2. Give him a sentimental wedding handkerchief.
From the Bride to her Father Wedding HandkerchiefThis sweet and traditional gift is not just for the bride, but is also traditionally given to members of the brides family and even bridal party. The above wedding handkerchief includes a special poem from the bride to the father that is sure to cause your dad to actually need that handkerchief!  
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Creative Ideas for Foodie Wedding Favors

You’ll Love Foodie Wedding Favors


Foodie Wedding Favors

  You and your guests know that the best wedding favors are the ones you can eat, and this arrangement also guarantees that guests won’t leave behind any excess when the night concludes. If they do, foodie wedding favors are much easier to pawn off on family members (or keep to yourself!). A selection of foodie wedding favors don’t have to be chocolates, almonds, or otherwise (though no one will complain with that selection, I’m sure!). Foodie wedding favors extend to any homemade goods, including jams, honeys, cookies, specialized foods unique to your culture, or anything else you want to share with your friends and family come wedding day. Many couples choose a selection of candies with specialized boxes or bags as their foodie wedding favors. There are very few ways to go wrong! Many couples who choose foodie wedding favors opt for a do-it-yourself style set-up, where guests choose from a selection of favors and box them themselves. This arrangement guarantees that no one has more than they want, no packaging is wasted, and every selection of foodie wedding favors is customized. Many foodie wedding favors selections are accompanied by beautiful packaging, often coordinated with the color scheme and décor of the day. It’s an easy way to guarantee that your foodie wedding favors fit right in to your big day!
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3 Tips for the Budget-Conscious Bride

The wedding budget is, without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns for the newly-engaged couple looking to minimize the fiscal impact of a wedding shindig. While budgets sound like easily-maintainable lists and figures when you’re getting started, they can quickly spiral out of control during the planning process. Little expenses pile up, guest lists blossom into twice your intended number, and small charges, such as tips and tax, sneak up on you. Here are a few tips for keeping on top of your wedding budget without spending every night slaving over a spreadsheet:
  1. Compile a wedding budget FIRST
While it may seem like a good strategy to figure out your guest list or ideal ambiance first, that isn’t necessarily step one in your list of things to do now that you’re newly engaged. Ideally, your first step is figuring out how much you have to work with. You may be dreaming big, but if you set your heart on 200 guests or custom dance floors before crunching the numbers, it will be much harder to scale back your expectations. Figure out your budget, and then decide on the style and guest count of your day. You can swing larger numbers or swankier décor if you scale back in the other department, but you should be prepared to do that from the get-go.
  1. Know where your funds are coming from before spending them
On that subject – who is paying for your wedding? If it’s all coming from your own pocket the numbers become simpler, but if either family has pledged to chip in or shoulder the bulk of the finances, things can become complicated quickly. While you know your family better than anyone, it’s always best to hold off on spending money until the cash is in hand. While your aunt may have mentioned that she’d pay for your wedding gown, don’t go off and buy the perfect dress without knowing for sure that they money is coming in. Ideally, have your aunt (or parent or future in-law or whoever) pay first-hand instead of promising reimbursement. This way, the individual financing the expense has a hand in the wedding experience and you can be sure you won’t be stuck with a larger slice of the pie than you anticipated.
  1. Update your budget as you go
The last bit of advice – don’t forget about the budget, even if you feel that you’re “probably staying in range” of your original discussion. Small expenses, such as favors, tips, or invitation upgrades, can add up quickly and derail an otherwise foolproof wedding budget. Keep lines of communication open between all spending parties, and anticipate holding a few casual meetings to catch up with the budget as planning continues.
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Wedding Party Kid Gifts for all Ages and Budgets

Selecting the Right Wedding Party Kid Gifts

Wedding Party Kid Gifts

Not every wedding party is made up of adults, or even teens for that matter. Children are so often a part of the wedding party that couples have begun setting aside special gifts for the little additions to their special day. While bridesmaids and groomsmen will be excited to receive custom jewelry, monogrammed wallets, or iPhone cases that match the wedding colors, the kids of your wedding party will be less inclined. Surprise the ring bearer or flower girl with wedding party kid gifts. Wedding party kid gifts range from coloring books to less expensive jewelry, depending on the age of the children, but it’s always good to think ahead. Many professionals believe that wedding party kid gifts that allow the children to remain entertained throughout the duration of the reception are the wisest. I tend to agree. Whatever you do, your wedding party kid gifts should help the littlest members of your wedding party feel included and valued.   Some brides opt for wedding party kid gifts that include the ring bearer or flower girl in the rest of the line of gift giving, but to a lesser degree. Instead of a piece of expensive jewelry for the flower girl, a comparable bracelet made of a more durable material is favored. Wedding party kid gifts don’t have to be cheap or disposable. Many couples favor growth wall charts, jewelry boxes, backpacks, or even game packs as wedding party kid gifts.

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A Jazz Age Affair: Great Gatsby Inspired

With a new Gatsby film hitting theaters all across the country today, it’s no wonder so many couples are drawn to the glamour and romance of this story for their weddings, as the hype behind the film has been building for months. Though the end message of the book is less than idealistically romantic, the aesthetic of the setting and the passionate hope and love exhibited by Gatsby himself is no less than perfect for any wedding day. So what wedding accessories can you add for a perfect Gatsby-themed wedding event? Consider:   Stunning Jewelry
Though you might not have the budget to hang diamonds from every extremity, you can still use the extravagant style of the Jazz Age as you walk down the aisle. Consider thick jeweled and beaded bracelets and collar necklaces, and substitute a traditional veil with a birdcage or a jeweled flapper headband, as the film’s own Daisy Buchanan wears so frequently. Avoid loud colors entirely and stick with the shine of diamond-like gems, even if you won’t be springing for actual diamonds. Distribute sparklers to your guests for added shine!

Extravagant Cocktails
Nothing says “Gatsby party” like a glass of champagne in each hand as you’re out on the dance floor. Style your libations after the drinks most often found at Gatsby’s legendary parties by stacking champagne glasses into a tower and putting on a show by pouring the bubbly down a cascading pyramid of crystal. For added flair, litter trays and tables with glass gems. Again, no one blames you for eschewing actual diamonds. Another Gatsby favorite is the mint julep, though it is better suited to a lunch or late morning party. The mint julep is the height of leisure and is sure to impress your thirsty guests. Add a generous sprig of fresh mint and enjoy!   The Era and Text Specifics
The small additions you make to your décor are the ones that really count toward a perfectly-executed Roaring Twenties affair. With a text steeped in images of breezy white curtains and dresses and gray three-piece suits, leisure and extravagance are your stylistic focus for a truly “Gatsby” party. Rent overstuffed day couches for a small peripheral lounge, and stick long, dripping black and white feathers in centerpieces. If you want to find details that specifically address moments from the text itself, consider finding space for gold wire spectacle frames, colorful silk shirts for the groomsmen, and finding room for a small green light at the end of the aisle.

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A Dr. Who Wedding for the Whole Family

Dr. Who is one of the most popular and longest-running science fiction television shows in the entire world, with a fan base more dedicated and loving than most marriages. It seems so very obvious then that so many couples would want to use elements from the show within their nuptials, usually in the form of cake toppers, garters, photo booths, and other wedding reception goodies. So how can you include your love for the doctor in the most important social gathering of your relationship without alienating those you love in the flurry of Dr. Who gadgets and memorabilia? The answer is subtlety, as it is with anything, especially when you’re dealing with wedding elements outside of your wedding reception. Here are my thoughts and recommendations for your special day: The Ceremony
The ceremony is possibly the best place for some beautiful Dr. Who inclusions. Aside from the color scheme and the attire (everyone loves a fez and bow tie), think of including some personal touches within the wording and accessories of the ceremony itself. My favorite touches for a ceremony? Have the parents of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) “consent and gladly give” their children away to replace the traditional bride hand-off, or have the officiant perform the marriage ceremony out of a replica TARDIS diary, inspired by Dr. River Song. Again, keep your Whovian accessories accessible! Your fandom is important, but you don’t want to lose the attention of those you love most in the middle of the ceremony. If necessary, explain why little things have been changed in the ceremony program you provide for your guests. The Paper Goods
Dr. Who invites are very easy to come by and to make, with various degrees of subtlety. As “Tardis Blue” is now an actual color that items can be purchased in, despite the resistance of Crayola, it isn’t difficult to create a Dr. Who-inspired set of stationary to send off to all of your closest friends and relatives. Consider police box-shaped backing and TARDIS blue envelopes. Some dedicated fans have even signed off on their mailings with the doctor’s famous catchphrases. Consider such gems as “Hope to see you there – Allons-y!” or “Bow ties are optional, but you should wear one. Bow ties are cool!” As with any usage of fan culture in wedding accessories, it’s important that you try to make these little inclusions accessible. Don’t write the address in Gallifreyan or list your names as “the future Rory and Amy Pond.” Have fun, but keep up the subtlety!
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The Elegance of a Simple Unity Candle

Combining Grace and Utility: A Simple Unity Candle

Simple Unity Candle

  In a vast online marketplace filled with specialized wedding goods, it can be difficult sometimes to weed through the void to find something simple. A simple unity candle foregoes frills in favor of simple, elegant style. A simple unity candle may have an embellished stand or frame, but the candle itself is a white or cream pillar with two smaller counterparts; simple, straightforward, and not a distraction come wedding day. Brides who favor traditional and/or church weddings will find this simple unity candle to suit their fancies, but that doesn’t mean that a simple unity candle is reserved for grand halls and fancy affairs. Garden weddings may also find a simple unity candle to fit the feel and décor of the day. Really, any couple who wants the focus of the day away from the implements of the ceremony will find that a simple unity candle is the perfect centerpiece. This accessory suits all décor, all styles and creeds, and will never go out of style if you choose to keep the simple unity candle as a staple on your mantle. These candles mix perfectly with existing décor, and add a touch of class to any household after the vows are said and the cake cut. A simple unity candle works for everyone!
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Questions Your Should Be Asking When Friends Offer Help

Do you have a friend or family member who has offered their professional services for your upcoming wedding? If so, Hooray! Weddings are collaborative, and they take a team of loved ones to plan quickly and successfully, and if you have a neighbor who owns a catering company or a friend who is constantly glued to her camera, it can sometimes be tempting to use their services for your impending nuptials. There are a few questions you should be asking yourself before proceeding, however, as friendly services can get messy if you haven’t thought them through. Ask yourself this before signing any acceptance emails:   Would Your Contact Be Missing the Wedding?
If this friend or family member could potentially, by any stretch of the imagination, be invited to the wedding, think twice about asking for their professional contribution. Even if they offer, you don’t want your friend or family member to be spending more time working on your wedding than enjoying it. Consider the implications of the task before asking for or accepting the help. This obviously isn’t a problem if you are being offered services such as invitation design or cake pop decorations, but using your best friend’s ukulele band or your aunt’s catering firm could cause those you love to miss out on the big moments of your wedding.
Whose Idea Was This? Will you Pay?
Again, if you know someone who specializes in a professional wedding service, using their services for your wedding is completely acceptable, but are you asking them to do this work for free? Sometimes we forget that our friends and family members have businesses to run and ever-growing bills to pay, and asking for a free service is not always the best choice for your relationship. If you really want this person’s contribution to be a part of your day, begin the conversation by asking what compensation they typically expect, and be willing to pay without alteration. If they want to offer the service to you pro bono, that’s their decision, but it should never be your expectation or implication. Even if they want to gift you their services, think of taking them out to dinner and drinks or purchasing a gift card for their favorite boutique as an extended thank-you (with a card, of course)!

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Preparing for Bridal Shower Thank Yous

Prepping Bridal Shower Thank Yous

Bridal Shower Thank Yous

Writing thank you notes isn't everyone's favorite post-wedding chore, but it is a necessity that shouldn't be overlooked or put off for too long. Many guests expect thank yous, and many more will be very much appreciative of a timely one. Bridal shower thank yous have a less strict timeline than their wedding counterparts, but you still shouldn't put them off. Definitely send out bridal shower thank yous before the big day. Any shower gift you receive can be used immediately, so you don't have to wait until after the nuptials to send off proper bridal shower thank yous.   Bridal shower thank yous come in a variety of colors and styles, and are generally much more informal than wedding thank yous. Don't stress too much over formal wording either - guests don't need much more than a sincere note of thanks in your bridal shower thank yous!   If you're hosting a bridal shower and want to do the bride in question a big favor, make bridal shower thank yous easier on her my keeping a running list of guests in attendance, and what, if anything, they brought for the bride. Her bridal shower thank yous will go much faster and she'll definitely owe you one!
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