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The cake topper arrived and is perfect! - Love Verse Bible Cake Topper with Doves and Flower Accents Review

The cake topper arrived and is perfect! We also received the candles and they are adorable! Thank you very much!


Kaye – Apple Valley, California

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Love Verse Bible Cake Topper with Doves and Flower Accents

Heart Wedding Cake Candle Favor

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Finding and Ordering your Wedding Ceremony Candle

Begin your Wedding Ceremony Candle Search Early

Wedding Ceremony Candle

Traditionally called a “unity candle,” a wedding ceremony candle is an important and elegant part of any wedding. You and your significant other will have no trouble at all finding the wedding ceremony candle of your dreams, but you do have to start looking early. If you want a custom or particularly specialized wedding ceremony candle, you will be able to find it, but it may take special ordering on the part of the provider. Even though a wedding ceremony candle doesn’t seem like a particularly important item to order early, you’ll want to plan ahead for anything specialized. Many couples also don’t realize that a wedding ceremony candle will not be available for certain types of shipping during the warmer months, as melting can be a definite problem! Though you may want to begin your wedding ceremony candle search in physical stores, you will almost always find more specific and specialized items online. As with any of your specialized wedding accessories, the right wedding ceremony candle isn’t a last-minute decision. It will be featured in many a wedding picture, so you want to be sure everything is just right!
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The Versatility and Class of Candle Party Favors

Stock up on these Candle Party Favors

Candle Party Favors

  Favors aren’t just for weddings; they’re a lovely addition to any elegant party, and they’re a wonderful way to thank your guests for their attendance. If you’re hosting any sort of get-together where favors would be a welcome and appropriate table addition (think showers, both bridal and baby, dinner parties, and engagement brunches), consider finding just the right candle party favors. Unlike many other favors, candle party favors have a hint of both practicality and style. More practical than other trinkets and a bit more elegant than most practical gifts, candle party favors will find a welcome home from almost any guest. Candle party favors are wonderful also because they don’t provide for a weighty burden if some guests leave them behind. Unlike some other small gifts, a stockpile of candle party favors are always useful! Candle party favors work for any age or gender makeup, which is especially helpful if you’re hosting a diverse group of friends any family. Unlike alcohol or other gifts that fit specific niches, candle party favors work for everyone! Candle party favors aren’t restricted to just wax and wick, either. Everyone loves a decorative holder or snuff in their candle party favors.
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Respect and Remembrance: A Memorial Candle

The Memorial Candle: A Subtle Tribute

Memorial Candle

A wedding is a time of joy and celebration for a family, but those times can sometimes be marked by sadness at the loss of someone close. A bride and groom don’t want to undermine the happiness of the day with excessive grieving (after all, a wedding is a celebration of life and love), but remembering a lost friend or family member is often just as important. A memorial candle is a subtle tribute of remembrance that acknowledges and respects a loss without altering the celebrations of the day.   A memorial candle is easy to integrate into any of the day’s proceedings; it’s all about how the couple wishes to proceed. Often, the memorial candle will have a special place at the ceremony, either at the entrance to the ceremony space or at the altar. A memorial candle might also find a place of honor at the reception venue.   A memorial candle isn’t the only way a couple can give homage to a lost friend or family member – many choose to incorporate a memorial vase of the deceased’s favorite blooms or they might play a favorite song during the reception. Some even add the deceased’s name to the wedding program and may ask for a moment of silent prayer during the ceremony - in addition to a symbol such as the memorial candle. A memorial candle isn’t a necessity for respect and remembrance: those lost are always in our hearts during our times of great love and joy.
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Giving Candle Wedding Favors

Elegant Candle Wedding Favors

Candle Wedding Favors

  Selecting appropriate wedding favors can be a difficult, especially if you’re trying to select something both elegant and useful. If you want something that will slip seamlessly into your guests’ decor and is both beautiful and memorable, look no further than candle wedding favors. Color scheme and theme are no longer obstacles when you opt for candle wedding favors, because their elegant simplicity matches all surroundings.
Guests won’t forget their candle wedding favors on their way out for the night! And it isn’t a problem if a group finds themselves with several candle wedding favors. Unlike other gifts (“What do we do with four knitted toaster coazies?!”), candle wedding favors aren’t a burden in abundance (and they won’t put a strain on your wallet, either). Add a personal touch by thinking outside of the molded tea light - try candle wedding favors in lanterns, with flowers, and even shaped into unexpected objects (think apples, seashells).
Candle wedding favors also include fun holders for candles your guests already have at home (though it’s always a good idea to include a candle with your gift so everyone knows what it’s for). The addition of candle wedding favors to their mantle will have them thinking of you for years to come.
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How does wedding favors add to the aura and sentiment of the occasion?

Wedding favors have indeed become an essential element of the wedding day etiquette. In popular parlance, it’s a thoughtful and attractive gift that is presented to important wedding guests to show appreciation on part of bride and groom. Wedding favors are for those present for sharing the joyful moments of the special day in one’s life. In contemporary times, they are one of the most important aspects of a wedding plan. Of course, wedding favors need not be bound by conventions; they can be anything, depending on tastes, themes and the type of guests present on the occasion. Traditionally photos or chocolates have been offered over the years. But today’s couples opt for more creative favors that carry an unmistakable personalized touch. Now, the favors may include a host of utility and fancy objects like bottle stopper, picture frames, wine opener, candles, kitchen tools, key chains, etc. The list is endless. In essence, wedding favors can be the couple can think of as a memento for their special guests. However, a wedding couple may need professional inputs to purchase the right kind of favors that your guests would feel happy to receive. They should seem exclusive so that the people present on your wedding day will preserve the wedding favors for several years to come. Thankfully, your choice has been made more exciting, enterprising and elegant thanks to a comprehensive wedding collectibles resource.
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Wedding unity candles and candle holders

Wedding is the ceremony, which unites two families and two individuals together for whole of their lives. To get wedding preparations in order, it requires loads of time and effort. Too many decisions to take, so many plans to make and all small details to make the wedding a perfect wedding. This includes choosing wedding unity candles and candle holders, which will add extra sheen to your wedding party. As the unity candle ritual symbolizes the blending of two families. The groom and the bride light the candles and get the two flames as one. At a wedding event, you can find a wide range of wedding unity candles and candle holders, floating candles, wedding candles, and unity candles sets. These candles can be readymade and also can be made on special orders. According to your wedding style and theme you can get wedding unity candles and candle holders to compliment yo0ur wedding. Various options to personalize the wedding candles with dates and names, rhinestones and other plethora of styles and designs are available. Each single wedding unity candle and candle holders are designed with close eye on detail, fabrics, flower, quality ribbons and accessories. The ceremony of these wedding unity candles and candle holders can be experienced many times again and again by using them to celebrate your special day and many anniversaries to come.
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