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Keeping your DIY Reception Decorations Professional-Looking

Working Out the Kinks in DIY Reception Decorations

DIY Reception Decorations

  When you're planning a DIY wedding, some of the more technical paper goods can be daunting. Menus, place cards, and even table numbers can easily look amateurish and cheap if you aren't careful where and how you print them. When you DIY reception decorations, it's important to find a kit or a guide to keep everything on track and stylish. You don't want your DIY reception decorations to be shadowed by cheap paper goods!   DIY reception decorations can be fun, but when it comes to paper goods, I recommend a kit. DIY reception decorations kits will keep everything uniform and cohesive - the biggest issue for any DIY bride. If you try to hand-write and hand-cut your DIY reception decorations, they might not look very professional. On the other hand, if you ask a print shop to design them for you, it isn't really DIY (and where's the fun in that?). Yes, your best option is a kit that provides you with the software you need to design DIY reception decorations that you can really be proud of. The kits will come with cutouts for your menus, place cards, and table numbers, but the design will be all on you. So have fun designing and printing your own DIY reception decorations!
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Stick to the Fun Parts of DIY Wedding Bunting

DIY Wedding Bunting: Style and Convenience

DIY Wedding Bunting

For your wedding, DIY wedding bunting kits offer a fun way to decorate your space with some personal and stylish flair. DIY wedding bunting offers all of the fun of DIY without the special skill set that only serious crafters come pre-equipped with. Few of us even know what bunting is, let alone how to measure and purchase the proper amount of materials for the job. No, a DIY wedding bunting kit gives us all of the fun parts of crafting (bonding with your bridesmaids over mimosas) and none of the frustrated hours at the craft store. DIY wedding bunting is a fun mini project that will really add a bit of professional style to you wedding - but I do recommend a kit... for your sanity. So where can you situate some DIY wedding bunting in your ceremony or reception space? While it does fit in almost anywhere, there are a few places where DIY wedding bunting really shines. Think about including some over your otherwise bare ceremony arch. DIY bunting is an inexpensive alternative to flowers and adds a colorful (and understated) touch to your photos. The dessert table is another place where DIY wedding bunting works well. It makes the table look like a part of the decor, and it doesn't look weird if that's the only place you feature DIY wedding bunting. It really is that versatile!
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