Wedding Cake Toppers

A wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles is the cherry on top of a magical day!

Because the No. 1 wedding accessory has to be perfect.

Personalize your wedding day and create memories that last a lifetime.

Nothing says photo opportunity at a wedding reception more than the happy couple cutting their cake. Yes, the couple happily cramming a piece of cake loaded with frosting into each other’s mouths spells out photo opportunity, but shouldn't the cake be memorable before it is destroyed by the newlyweds? A wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles is the cherry on top of a magical day!

Other Wedding Topper Considerations
Some other things to consider when selecting your wedding cake topper is the size and shape of your cake. Your cake maker may have recommendations on what type of cake topper would enhance the look of the cake, rather than overshadow it. You want your cake and cake topper to exist together in harmony, not have the evening be all about the topper with little regard for what sits under it. The color of your cake too may lend itself to different toppers.Additionally, you will want to speak to your wedding photographer about your cake topper choices. Firstly to ensure that they take the photographs highlighting and showcasing your great tastes - but they too may have some ideas or thoughts on your cake topper. They should intimately know your location, your time and date of the wedding, and may have some suggestions on what type of cake toppers will look good.
Why Choose Wedding Collectibles For Your Cake Topper?
Wedding Collectibles has been in the wedding business in some form, for over 30 years. We are a trusted name in the wedding industry and we strive to make every purchase a great experience. Our cake toppers and other products have been used in thousands upon thousands of weddings and our many satisfied customers recommend us over and over. We cherish the relationship between us and will do everything in our power to keep you satisfied. Personalize your wedding with one of the hundreds of products from Wedding Collectibles today!
What Is The Ordering Process For Cake Toppers?
Wedding Collectibles makes ordering your customized wedding cake toppers easy, with a quick and simple process. Fast shipping ensures your custom wedding cake topper will be there for all the photo opportunities and memorable moments. No wedding reception should be without a custom wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles.While it may take several tastings to find the right flavors for your wedding cake, and certainly a few visits to stores to find the right gown or suit, Wedding Collectibles makes it possible to find the right custom wedding cake topper with just a few clicks of the mouse! A beautifully topped wedding cake will not go unnoticed or un-photographed with a custom wedding cake topper from Wedding Collectibles.