Wedding Sparklers

When it comes to fun ideas on how to use wedding sparklers, there are tons of options! Wedding sparklers create beautiful light, adding whimsy and magic to your special day. The glow of them creates a made-for-photo look that shines almost as much as you will on your wedding day.

Wedding Sparklers During The Ceremony

You can provide wedding sparklers for guests to use during your recessional, creating an ethereal look for your photos. Ensure that your ceremony location allows for sparklers, and then it is full steam ahead. You can have your guests hold them as you leave the ceremony, or as you share your first kiss! You can use just a single one, or provide for your entire wedding party or all of your guests - you are in charge!

Sparklers During The Reception

You can wait until the evening and have guests stand on either side of you and your partner, holding wedding sparklers, while you exit the venue! This send-off line, as it is called, creates a beautiful tunnel of wedding sparkler light and makes for beautiful photographs.

Even As Cake Toppers

Last but not least, we’ve seen some awesome wedding cakes and desserts that were served with sparklers on top for a lively effect! This is a great way to include wedding sparklers as wedding cake toppers, instead of, or with a traditional wedding cake topper. Once again, this idea lends itself to super cool photos showcasing the sparkling wedding sparklers — and will impress your guests in the process!

We know that you’re looking for that “WOW” factor when planning your wedding, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to incorporate wedding sparklers!