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What is a Wedding Lazo?

What is a Wedding Lazo?

A wedding Lazo is one of the most romantic unity ceremonies that symbolize the union of two souls into one. This nuptial tradition is a unique way to celebrate the binding love and admiration between partners. Couples from Mexico, Latin countries (Catholic or non-Catholic), and the Philippines usually incorporate this romantic custom in their love celebrations to signify their commitment, deep affection, and fondness for each other.
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What is a chili cook-off?

What is a chili cook-off?

The chili cook-off is a social event (read it as a fun competition) in which all the participants bring their signature chilies and prepare their yummy spicy pots. After the preparation, the delicious hot meals are submitted for taste tasting where the participants rate each other's pots and the winner gets awarded a prize.
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What is the meaning of the Unity Candle ceremony in weddings?

What is the meaning of the Unity Candle ceremony in weddings?

The Unity Candle ceremony, as the name suggests, symbolizes the union and the fusion of two people in the beautiful state of marriage. This tradition is becoming popular in modern contemporary weddings. In essence, the lighting of the candle represents the union of two souls.
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Wedding Cake Toppers

Welcome to Wedding Collectibles, your online answer to putting the finishing touches on your wedding decor. Wedding Collectibles provides customized wedding cake toppers, monogram wedding cake toppers and funny cake toppers. As one of the few companies in the industry that customize many of our items, we are unique and specialized.

Thanks to our vast selection of high quality wedding cake toppers, we have one of the best selections in the industry and offer competitive pricing on all our products; weddings can be an expensive and busy time for all involved and that is why we go the extra mile to provide affordable cake topper solutions.

Our superior customer support has led to us achieving our high reputation and many of our customers recommend us to their friends, families and colleagues. We take pride in helping all our customers find exactly what they need, and all our products are of the highest standard. We even offer a range of shipping options for you to choose from!

At Wedding Collectibles we know how the little things make the biggest difference on your special day and that is why our customization options are so popular with many of our customers. Whether you are looking for a monogrammed wedding cake topper or something else a little more customized, we can create it. After all, your wedding day is about you and your relationship, and a customized cake topper can add the finishing touches to your special day.

If you have an exact idea in mind or need a little guidance in to the type of wedding cake topper, be it a funny cake topper or a custom one, we can assist.