Wooden Recipe Cutting Board (Thick) Custom, Hand-Written Engraved | Fully Custom Engraving


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    Wooden Recipe Cutting Board (Thick) Custom, Hand-Written Engraved, Serving Tray | Fully Custom Engraving | Personalized Housewarming Gift

    • Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards – An all-purpose kitchen cutting board, these feature custom, hand-written messages or recipes shared by you and your family!
    • A black and white scan is preferred, and will produce best results when engraving.
    • Wide, Food-Grade Safe Surface – A premium 11” x 8.75” in size and a full ½” thick, our meat and cheese cutting boards let you slice, chop, and prepare food easily.
    • Ecofriendly, Hypoallergenic Wood – These personalized cutting boards are crafted with bamboo that’s naturally antibacterial to help reduce food cross contamination.
    • Charred Engraving Design – A wonderful gift for couples or families, give these as housewarming gifts for Christmas, anniversaries, mother’s day, or bridal showers! No two pieces are alike So The Board Might Slightly Differ In Color And Grain Pattern from board to board or from the different bamboo slats in the board. The writing is engraved and the charring effect it has with the different bamboo is what gives it a slightly brown hue or the burnt color.
    • Handmade in the USA – Each recipe food cutting board is crafted by hand right in America and features wood grains, hues, and colors completely original to each one.


    Keep your counters clean and always keep your favorite recipe on hand with a beautiful bamboo cutting board engraved with a personal message.

    A cutting board is one of the most versatile and vital accessories you’ll find in the kitchen whether you’re a professional chef or you just love making Christmas dinner. That’s why we want to make those moments extra special with a Wedding Collectibles Personalized Handwritten Recipe Wood Cutting Board that turns a family recipe into a functional heirloom!

    Customizing Your Recipe Board

    We’ve made created a unique cutting board quick and easy. Simply send us a high-resolution photo of your cherished recipe, in a black and white scan, preferably on unlined paper, and we’ll have it transferred to the bamboo board. The natural wood grain and color, along with the engraved charring effect, give each one a unique flair. This makes them ideal for turning moms, dads, or grandmas’ old recipes into a beautiful gift you can enjoy for a lifetime.

    Please note that scribbles, lines, artwork, or other blemishes on the image cannot be removed during transfer.

    Product Details:

    • Natural Bamboo Cutting Board (Custom)
    • Hand-Written Engraved Recipes or Messages
    • A black and white scan is preferred, and will produce best results when engraving.
    • Naturally Antibacterial and Easy to Clean
    • Easy to Clean and Maintain
    • Gentle on Knives and Cutlery
    • Dimensions: 11” x 8.75” x 0.5”
    • Image Transfer Process
    • Satisfaction Guarantee


    Get one of these beautiful, custom-engraved recipe cutting boards today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above and pass on your most valued recipes with style and grace.

    Product dimensions:

    - Height: 0.5”
    - Width: 8.75”
    - Length: 8.75”