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How to Pull Together the Perfect Gift and Sign in Table

As your guests enter in on your wedding or reception one of the first things they will do is try to find the gift table and sign in, so there are a couple of things we suggest doing in order to make this first introduction to your special day absolutely perfect.

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Keeping your DIY Reception Decorations Professional-Looking

Working Out the Kinks in DIY Reception Decorations

DIY Reception Decorations

  When you're planning a DIY wedding, some of the more technical paper goods can be daunting. Menus, place cards, and even table numbers can easily look amateurish and cheap if you aren't careful where and how you print them. When you DIY reception decorations, it's important to find a kit or a guide to keep everything on track and stylish. You don't want your DIY reception decorations to be shadowed by cheap paper goods!   DIY reception decorations can be fun, but when it comes to paper goods, I recommend a kit. DIY reception decorations kits will keep everything uniform and cohesive - the biggest issue for any DIY bride. If you try to hand-write and hand-cut your DIY reception decorations, they might not look very professional. On the other hand, if you ask a print shop to design them for you, it isn't really DIY (and where's the fun in that?). Yes, your best option is a kit that provides you with the software you need to design DIY reception decorations that you can really be proud of. The kits will come with cutouts for your menus, place cards, and table numbers, but the design will be all on you. So have fun designing and printing your own DIY reception decorations!
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