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Classic and Timeless: A Charming Cake Topper

Your Prince Charming Cake Topper

Charming Cake Topper

Who says chivalry is dead? If you believe that you and your betrothed are a Disney happy ending waiting to happen, crown your perfect fluffy wedding cake with a charming cake topper. While modern and artistic cake toppers are all the rage for many contemporary couples, there’s something timeless and classic about a good old fashioned charming cake topper. A charming cake topper might feature a traditional bride in groom in a moment of innocent tenderness, but many a tiny plastic couple will be frozen in eternity during a moment of classic chivalry. A kiss on the hand, a courtesy, a bow: a charming cake topper highlights the traditional and tender nature of your fantasy relationship.   A charming cake topper will make a lovely keepsake for your long wedded years, and could find a home almost anywhere in your house. Keep your charming cake topper on the mantle, among your assortment of fine china, or even as a trinket on your bedside table. Keep your charming cake topper as a reminder of how much of a fairytale marriage you hope your relationship will be in the long and doubtlessly blissful years ahead.   If you’re thinking of purchasing a charming cake topper as a gift, be sure to give it with plenty of notice for the bride and groom. A charming cake topper is made slightly less charming if it’s sharing pastry real estate with someone else!
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