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Bachelorette Party Ideas - Must Have Items

Bachelorette Party Ideas - Must Have Items

There are so many ways to make your final fling unique, and we have tons of bachelorette party ideas to get you started!
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Etiquette In-Vogue: Bachelorette Thank You Cards

 Etiquette is always in vogue, and thank you cards are a welcome thought after most wedding-related events, though they have been, so far, mostly surrounding gift-giving occasions such as bridal showers or the big day itself. 
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Tips for Elegant Wedding Signage

 Though there are many wedding decorations that you will utilize on your big day that send a subtle, non-literal message, sometimes you just want to say it with words. 
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Bachelorette Party Buttons: for Flair and Function!

If you're trying to accessorize a rockin' bachelorette party in the near future, don't forget about the bachelorette party buttons!
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Getting the Wording Right: Formal Wedding Invites

 More couples worry about the wording of their invitations than they do over any other detail of their wedding day. 
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Go a Little Crazy with a Bachelorette Party Garter

While you may be tossing something lacy and simple at your wedding reception, your bachelorette party calls for a different type of garter. 
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A “Something Borrowed” Bachelorette Party Veil!

Gifting and Giving a Bachelorette Party Veil

Bachelorette Party Veil

Nothing is more fun than the rain “congratulations!” you’ll receive during your bachelorette party, but you won’t have a chance to hear them if no one knows you’re the bride! A bachelorette party veil (often accompanied by a sash or tiara) is a fun way to designate the lady of honor during your bachelorette bash, and it can even be re-used at your bridal shower or at a future bride’s own pre-wedding parties. Make your “something borrowed” a little more fun and original by handing down a bachelorette party veil! It isn’t as sentimental or expensive as jewelry or actual bridal accessories, but a bachelorette party veil is just as bridal!
If you’re trying to find the right gift for the soon-to-be bride in your life, think about gifting a bachelorette party veil. The bachelorette party veil is an early wedding gift that the bride can cherish in the months leading up to the wedding as well afterwards. Good for work bridal showers, engagement parties, and (of course) the bachelorette bash itself, nothing bridal-themed will get more use before the wedding like a bachelorette party veil!
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Pre-Wedding Desserts No One will Expect

If you’re hosting a party in honor of someone’s upcoming wedding, it might be the ideal time to experiment with some cool new sugary goodies. Your guests will always expect a grocery store sheet cake or a paper plate of chocolate chip cookies at any pre-wedding party(engagement parties, bridals showers, bachelorette bashes), so blow them away with something unexpected and homemade! Some of these baking adventures are easier than others, but you’re guaranteed to find at least one frosted recipe that fits your abilities in the following lineup of yummy ideas:   A Croquembouche for the Engagement Party
Pretty Difficult   A croquembouche is an elegant pyramidal French dessert that often substitutes for a fluffy wedding cake during the reception. It features a big beautiful pile of crunchy chocolate-drizzled crème puffs (chocolate optional) held together with delicate strands of caramel, often piled so high that they look like sugary spider webs. This dessert is great for an engagement party because you can eat it on the go without losing any of the elegance you expect from a formal dessert. Engagement parties tend to be smaller than weddings, and this dessert scales up or down with ease. You can mingle, chat, and grab a crème puff on the go.
The croquembouche isn’t a recipe for beginners (unless you want to brave hot caramel over a long period of time), but if you’re in love with the style of this dessert without possessing the cooking credentials you need to pull it off, there’s no shame in finding a bakery to do the delicious dirty work.
How To   Petit Fours for the Bridal Shower
Not So Bad Afternoon teas and casual garden parties are popular bridal shower themes, but you have a chance to set your event apart by taking a crack at baking the bite-size dessert cakes yourself. The recipe is easier than it looks, and the end result always ends impressively. If you’re feeling adventurous and you have the extra time, browse for different recipes to make your dessert plate that much more impressive. Or you could cheat (like me) and decorate each of them a little differently.
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High Heel Cupcakes for the Bachelorette Party
E for Everyone! These cupcakes have been floating around blogs for the last few weeks, and there’s something oddly intimidating about them – but they look more complicated than they are. Anyone can whip up a batch of cupcakes (with or without a box) and buy a pack of graham crackers; the real challenge in this recipe is decoration. Spend an afternoon experimenting and finding what works and what doesn’t – you can eat the evidence of your failures. You could also print out the recipe and provide a decorations and pre-baked cupcakes for the girls at the bachelorette party itself. Spend the evening decorating, chatting, and laughing at inexplicable sprinkle failures.
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A Fun and Raunchy Bachelorette Party Cake Topper!

Your Options for a Bachelorette Party Cake Topper

Bachelorette Party Cake Topper

If you love fun and novelty wedding cake toppers, but you’re not sure that your wedding is the best venue for one, think about appropriating one as a bachelorette party cake topper. A bachelorette party cake topper is a great opportunity to showcase a cake topper you wouldn’t otherwise be able to enjoy. If grandma isn’t so into the topper that features you grabbing your fiancé’s butt, the girls at your bachelorette party might be a little more open minded. A bachelorette party cake topper can a little raunchy and still be a whole lot of fun.   A bachelorette party cake topper might be a traditional couple (even if they might be displaying a non-traditional amount of PDA) or a single bride figurine. Most wedding cake toppers come in pairs, but it isn’t difficult to find a single bride (or two brides for a joint same-sex marriage) for a bachelorette party cake topper.   If you’re throwing a bachelorette party, a bachelorette party cake topper is always a great addition to the décor, even if you’re going for something minimal. If you aren’t doing a big fancy cake, a bachelorette party cake topper is still a cute addition to a dessert table or cocktail bar. You could even present the bachelorette party cake topper as a gift to the bride. Who knows – she may even be brave enough to feature the bachelorette party cake topper on her big day!
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Fun Recipes for your Bachelorette Martini Glasses

Enjoy Any Libation in Bachelorette Martini Glasses

Bachelorette Martini Glasses

  You don’t have to drink to enjoy bachelorette martini glasses at your bachelorette party. The glasses are merely a vessel for whatever floats your boat the night you want to celebrate your impending marriage with your closest girl friends. Whether you’re filling your bachelorette martini glasses with bourbon, cosmos, or root beer floats, bachelorette martini glasses are a festive way to add a little fun to whatever sort of party your girls want to throw for you. Here are a couple of pink alcoholic/non-alcoholic cocktails (to match your bachelorette martini glasses!) you might think about preparing for your big night out: Pink Panties   12 oz can frozen pink lemonade 12 oz gin ½ cup vanilla ice cream ½ cup strawberries 1 cup ice throw ingredients into a blender and you’ll have plenty to enjoy in all of your bachelorette martini glasses!   Lipstick Lemonade   5 oz pink lemonade 3 oz lemon lime soda Splash of cherry syrup   Throw in a few ice cubes and garnish with a lemon slice and maraschino cherry skewered on a bamboo pick for a refreshing and fun drink for your bachelorette martini glasses!
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A Different Kind of Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is a wedding staple that most brides couldn't imagine going without. It's a chance for a small, fun outing with the girls before the big day that usually consists of alcohol, maybe a few strippers, and matching purple wigs. For the bridal entourage who isn't so inclined, however, planning a bachelorette gets a little more difficult. So what's a stumped hostess to do? Here are a few bachelorette party ideas that are sure to please any crowd, regardless of age or ideology:   Do a Dance Class
Make a day of a bachelorette party by booking a fun, quirky dance class for the bride and her bridal entourage. Classes like "Zumba," and Beginners Pole Dancing offer some good fun for guests on any budget. Take the moves you learn and hit a club to try them out on the town, or call it a night and head home to recover with some bad wedding movies and margaritas. If you do a morning class, treat guests to a brunch afterward to refuel everyone!
Do Something Juvenile
Though they might be places you haven't visited since your younger years, the draw of an arcade, theme park, or "family fun" center can't be ignored. Imagine terrorizing the grounds of a Put-Put after dark, enjoying some high-energy laser tag, go-karts, mini golf, and even the batting cages (maybe loosen the corset first).   Laser tag arenas and go-kart centers are also heaps of fun on their own, and you're almost guaranteed to find at least one claw machine to huddle around. Dress up like you would for any other bachelorette night (maybe minus the suggestive straws - there are kids around, after all), and tear through water parks, mini golf courses, and any other local delight you have at your disposal. The night is yours, and you don't even have to leave underage guests at home! Do Something Dangerous
If the ladies you'll be hosting have an adventurous side, think about booking a rafting trip or afternoon at the local rock wall. Take paintballing trips back from bachelor parties and schedule a battle for the day for you and the girls (just make sure you do it far enough before the wedding that bruises can be edited easily out of official photos). Don't underestimate the ladies on your guest list, but make sure everyone is ready for something a little out of the ordinary before you commit to kayaking (and make sure to provide waterproof neon wigs).
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You and Your Sexy Wedding Garter

A Sexy Wedding Garter for a Party or the Big Day Itself!

Sexy Wedding Garter

The wedding garter toss is a wedding tradition that many brides hold as sacred as the toast or bouquet toss. The right sexy wedding garter can set the tone for this historic event in your young marriage - just make sure you're at the right venue for it! Will grandma suffer a heart attack at the hands of a sexy wedding garter that was just a little TOO sexy? Let's hope not. Here are a few options for your lovely, tastefull, sexy wedding garter: Find a sexy wedding garter that matches your color palette A mismatched garter may look great in your shopping cart, but think about how it will look with your dress or even your decor. Your sexy wedding garter may be provacative and fun, but you also want it to look cohesive and pretty. Remember, you get to keep one of them, so make your sexy wedding garter something you'll be proud of!   Be Comfortable in it Try to find a sexy wedding garter that fits your personal style. Then again, if you aren't a particularly adventurous person, you'll surprise everyone with a slinky sexy wedding garter when they all least expect it! Just make sure you won't be embarrassed or uncomfortable at its unveiling. If it's a possibility, stick with something a little lower on the leg. Having Doubts? Stick to the bachelorette party If you're worried about the effect your sexy wedding garter will have on the blood pressure of your guests, think about wearing your sexy wedding garter to the bachelorette party. No one will be surprised when you show up in a mini skirt and something pink and lacey, so flaunt it! This is the perfect venue for a sexy wedding garter.
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