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Financial advice for your wedding

When you are planning for your wedding finances, then you need to read the details of the contract before signing it. It is a must. A verbal agreement may not be same as what is written in the contract. In wedding the most important contracts are life insurance, vendor agreements and the prenuptial agreement. You must go through every clause diligently before you actually sign it. Do not rush. Try and understand everything that is written. The most difficult part of your financial planning for the wedding will be the caterer. The bill will have components like the cost per plate, taxes and gratuity. You must scrutinize the bill thoroughly before paying it. You can pay tips if you are really happy with the caterer. If you do not wish to shell out the extra amount, you can even write a nice letter of praise that the vendor can use for prospective clients. Tipping is essential in cases where your musicians have played overtime; or there is a delay from your end where your vendors had to wait. This is an indication of your professionalism. All in all, you need to plan a budget before the wedding and try and stick to it.
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