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The Perfect Cake Topper for the Religiously Centered Wedding

Bible Love Verse Cake Topper With Pearl Heart The Perfect Cake Topper for the Religiously Centered Wedding

If your faith is at the center of your life, then you may decide to make it a prominent element of your wedding. Traditionally, the wedding ceremony is tied as a religious ceremony,  and it is not uncommon to find religious elements in the couples wedding vows, the ceremony officiator,  and in traditions such lighting prayer candles or the breaking of the glass. Having a religiously themed wedding cake topper is a simple and elegant way to carry over that reverence of your religious wedding ceremony to your wedding reception.

The wedding cake topper on the left is a great example of what Wedding Collectibles has to offer its costumers that are looking for something to embody their faith at their wedding. It features the symbolic wedding bands, rose and pearl accents, a bible and a bible verse. Simple and Elegant.  A similar cake topper available is our "Love Verse Bible with Doves". This cake topper has that added symbolism of the white dove that is a symbol in the bible of the Holy Spirit. 

The Wedding Cake Topper is the Symbol You Choose to Represent You

Jewish Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine

If you want the traditional blushing bride and groom figurine wedding cake topper, the one like the figure above would be a beautiful addition to your artfully  designed wedding cake. We've said this before, but we will say it again because it is essential to realize; The wedding cake topper is representation of the essential element of you and your groom. It acts as a stand in, a symbol, of who you are as a couple. That is why couples that are united in their playful and dreamer nature will choose a fantasy or fairy tale cake topper, and the adventurous or outgoing couple ends up with a cake topper like the motorcycle "Get Away" cake topper or the "Super Spy" figurine cake topper. For couples that center themselves in their faith, finding that cake topper that embodies that faith, that respect, trust, and reverence. Try our "My Beloved" or the "Precious Moments Wedding Cross" wedding cake topper to help you make your wedding dreams come true. 

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How can you make your guests smile and enjoy the wedding celebrations?

A wide variety of enterprising concepts and innovative ideas are now available for designing accessories that form integral part of your wedding celebrations. Among the most in demand are wedding cake toppers. We suggest that you go for Funny Frog Prince cake topper if you intend to make your guests smile. Made of hand painted fine porcelain, this ‘silly’ frog prince cake topper features a bewildering background of flowing tulle, and the mystical Mr. and Mrs. Frog for company. It also includes stylized lily pad detail. To further surprise your guests, you may also consider Gone Fishing Mix & Match cake top (Caucasian) that takes the popular saying ‘Gone Fishing’ to an entirely different level. The Mix & Match cake top can be used with equally enjoyable tied bundles of tiered cookies or cup cakes. Made of hand painted porcelain, you may opt to mix and match it, as the name suggests, with other interchangeable wedding cake toppers. Another offbeat choice is a Comical Bride & Groom figurine. This is an exclusive offering that features an adorable couple that holds the viewer’s attention. All about being whimsical and fun to inspire a spontaneous laugh, the charming bride and groom are bound to strike a happy note. You may display the figurine atop your wedding cake or give it away as a novelty gift. The choice is yours...
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