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Engaged on Valentine's Day?

Ruffled Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Engaged on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day is typically a holiday that people see as a dividing holiday; those in love and those that are not. This is has always been something that makes me sad because the heart and sole of Valentine's day is to celebrate love. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love either. Everyone loves and is loved by someone somewhere. Be it a best friend, a family member, or a significant other. This concept of enjoying and celebrating love is what makes Valentine's day so wonderful, romantic, and a perfect day to pop that big question.     Ruffled Dreamy Valentine’s Day If you watch that Facebook feed you may find that so many couples get engaged on Valentine's Day. It isn't unoriginal and it doesn't take away from your engagement. Think about how excited you are right now. Now think about the idea that hundreds or more other women are just as excited as you are. Is it not amazing to think that there are so many women and couples that are happy and excited and not weighed down right now? And you get to be a part of it! Now, with so many couples getting engaged on Valentine's Day, that makes the day after a day of perusing wedding sites and starting to realize how many decisions and tasks go into putting together your dream wedding. Don't stress! One of the many benefits of not being the first woman to ever have to plan her wedding is that there are tons of resources and tools that will help you handle the madness that truly can be wedding planning. Ruffled Fuchsia + Yellow Valentine’s Day Here are a list of Blogs and Resources that may be Helpful to you: While I do believe it will be a good idea for you to peruse through these resources, particularly those that will help you get organized, I would like to implement the 3-day rule. While this is typically applied to calling after that wonderful first date, it needs to be applies to that wonderful engagement as well. For those first three days after being engaged enjoy it. Get excited, maybe browse wedding pictures, but otherwise avoid the pressure of already planning the wedding. You should celebrate for a few breaths before you dive into the wedding celebrations. Take three days to just be happy. Then dive in! Ruffled Dreamy Valentine’s Day So if you were one of those lucky ladies that got engaged on Valentine's Day, get offline now and go cuddle with your fiance!
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