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Top 10 Animal Cake Toppers

Animal cake toppers often mean color, cuteness, and a bit of light humor. 
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Adorable Figure - Purrfect Together Cat Cake Topper Figurine Review

This adorable figure will ultimately be headed to Australia from my friends' March 20th wedding! Thank you.


JT – Rockaway, New Jersey

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Purrfect Together Cat Cake Topper Figurine

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Friends of Felines Always Enjoy Cat Cake Toppers

Cat Cake Toppers: Kitty Love

Cat Cake Toppers

 Are you and your betrothed fans of feline friends? Show your love for our pawed and whiskered brethren with cat cake toppers. Cat cake toppers could be carbon copies of your own house pets or they could reflect the mugs of famous cartoon kitties, such as Garfield and Arlene. Cat cake toppers have the benefit of inherent elegance and grace (they are cats, after all), and they will always look sleek and put-together atop your wedding cake. Cat cake toppers also make wonderful keepsakes after your big day. If you choose to model your cat cake toppers after your feline house pets, they could live forever in ceramic above your mantle, and they’ll be there to support you in spirit on your wedding day. With cat cake toppers, you could either choose to sport the kitties as feline doppelgangers for you and your fiancé (as the main attraction atop the cake or beside the escort card table), or your cat cake toppers could supplement your more human-like main topper. Cat cake toppers don’t just come in the domestic variety; big cat cake toppers work for lovers of felines who prefer more exotic accessories.
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