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Top 10 Animal Cake Toppers

Top 10 Animal Cake Toppers

Animal cake toppers often mean color, cuteness, and a bit of light humor. Really, you cant put two palmerian figurines on top of your cake without it being something to smile about. But, the great thing about this is that animal wedding cake toppers offer a unique and fun way to establish who you are as a couple. Additionally, animal cake toppers have such a wide spectrum that they can be just as elegant as they can be goofy. This Top 10 list not only shows you the best of aninmal cake toppers, but it also demonstrates the wide variety  of styles and tones these cake toppers can create. 1) Crystal Swan Cake TopperCrystal Swan Cake TopperAs one of our more elegeant animal cake topper options, this decadent crystal swan cake topper is to die for. The dainty curves of the swans add a lightness and creates a soft flirtation with pure sophistication. You can order this cake topper on a white resin base with crystal accents. 2) Interlocking Bear Hug Cake Topper Figurine Set

Polar Bear Cake TopperThis bear hug animal cake topper is a bit more playful than the number one cake topper, but its simple coloring and sweet sentiment make it a great choice for a couple that doesn't want to sacrifice regality for lightheartedness. 3) Pastel Rose Dove Cake TopperDove Cake TopperThis rose and dove wedding cake topper would be a perfect addition to a traditional and even religious wedding. The dove as a symbol for purity and faith can only be a good omen for the newly married bride and groom. 4) Bulldog Wedding Dog Cake Topper

Bulldog Wedding Dog Cake TopperThis bull dog cake topper is a prime example of the kind of spunky fun an animal topper cake bring to the wedding scene. It works great mixed in with an acclectic style or a color (and humor) pop within a more classic wedding style.

5) Contemporary Love Birds Cake Topper

Love Birds Cake toppr Birds are popular for those looking to do an animal cake topper, but this bird cake topper is unique in its contemporary style and attention to relationships and affection.

6)  Dancing Froggie Wedding Cake Topper

Frog Wedding Cake Topper This funky frog dance topper takes a shot at the classic princess and the frog fairytale. It is the perfect choice for the dream come true bride!

7) Goldfish Cake TopperFish Cake Topper Why do we love this as a cake topper? It is seriously adorable. These colorful kissing fish represent the two fish in that great big sea that found each other.

8) Duck Wedding Cake Topper Figurine

Duck Cake Topper

This cake topper is great because it's focus on affection is similar to the contemporary love bird topper ranked above, but with bolder colors and cartoonish aethetic is offers something a little more fun. 9) Purrfect Together Cat Cake Topper Figurine

Cat Cake Topper This cat pairing is purrrfect for any cat loving couple or a couple that's love was fought for diligintly. Cat's are known for requireing it's owner to earn their love and respect, so if you worked hard in your relationship to establish love, respect, trust, and honesty, these cats may be purrrfect foy you.

10)  Glass Beach Dolphin Cake Topper with Heart Dolphin Wedding Cake Toppers The last slot of our top ten animal cake toppers returns to a more traditionally styled topper. Traditional, however,  should not be confused with the phrase "not unique". The curve created by the beautifully cut dolphens paired with heart shaped arch is absolute quintessence.  

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Adorable Figure - Purrfect Together Cat Cake Topper Figurine Review

This adorable figure will ultimately be headed to Australia from my friends' March 20th wedding! Thank you.


JT – Rockaway, New Jersey

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Purrfect Together Cat Cake Topper Figurine

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Friends of Felines Always Enjoy Cat Cake Toppers

Cat Cake Toppers: Kitty Love

Cat Cake Toppers

 Are you and your betrothed fans of feline friends? Show your love for our pawed and whiskered brethren with cat cake toppers. Cat cake toppers could be carbon copies of your own house pets or they could reflect the mugs of famous cartoon kitties, such as Garfield and Arlene. Cat cake toppers have the benefit of inherent elegance and grace (they are cats, after all), and they will always look sleek and put-together atop your wedding cake. Cat cake toppers also make wonderful keepsakes after your big day. If you choose to model your cat cake toppers after your feline house pets, they could live forever in ceramic above your mantle, and they’ll be there to support you in spirit on your wedding day. With cat cake toppers, you could either choose to sport the kitties as feline doppelgangers for you and your fiancé (as the main attraction atop the cake or beside the escort card table), or your cat cake toppers could supplement your more human-like main topper. Cat cake toppers don’t just come in the domestic variety; big cat cake toppers work for lovers of felines who prefer more exotic accessories.
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