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Striking and Significant: Colorful Unity Sand

Mark the Day with Colorful Unity Sand

Colorful Unity Sand

Many couples are now opting to replace the traditional unity ceremonies of wedding's past (such as the drinking of wine or joining of roses) for a more visually striking and long-lasting unity ceremony alternative: unity sand. Colorful unity sand (as a replacement for more muted tones) allows for guests (and future visitors to your home) to see the striking and stark joining of two individuals in the symbolically-significant medium of unity sand. Use colorful unity sand for an obvious and beautiful symbol of your everlasting union. The joining of two (or more, if you want to symbolize the union of a larger family) distinct colors of sand symbolizes individuals that can never be separated; those who are joined in the bonds of marriage and family. Colorful unity sand is perfect for couples or families looking to mark their union with a long-lasting centerpiece to their home.   The best part about colorful unity sand is its versatility. You can match your colorful unity sand to the colors of your wedding day for an added touch of elegance, or you can synch your colorful unity sand with the palate of your home. Colorful unity sand can be combined, mixed, and stored in a visually-striking and symbolically-significant way throughout the days of your union. Just like your relationship, colorful unity sand is built to last!
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Why Unity Sand?

Using Unity Sand

Unity Sand

When you order a unity sand kit, you usually need to purchase the unity sand separately. This is so you have the option to stick with neutral sand colors (browns, tans), or venture out a bit and find fun colors that suit you best (usually ones which match your wedding color scheme!). Your unity sand will be sitting as a focal point of your joined home, so make sure to take your decision seriously! If you're thinking about heading to the beach to scoop up some unity sand for your ceremony, remember the symbolism of the day. The point of the ceremony is to mix two different shades together to create something that can not be separated. If your unity sand is all the same color, the symbolism might not work the same way. Your unity sand choices can be expanded depending on what sort of family you're joining together. Couples who are blending their households together and already have children should consider incorporating other colors and including their offspring in the ceremony too. No matter how many members you're blending into one household, the many colors and styles of unity sand will help symbolize the joining of a family.
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