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The Dos and Don'ts of a Crystal Bridal Comb

Doing Up Your Up-Do with a Crystal Bridal Comb

Crystal Bridal Comb

Bridal combs are becoming the final word in bridal hair fashion, and there's no doubt as to why. Subtle, flirty, and striking, bridal combs are the perfect way to keep up your up-do and compliment your outfit flawlessly. The material most commonly associated with bridal combs is crystal, and with good reason. A crystal bridal comb can be arranged in any manner of styles and compilations, and they range from barely noticeable to absolutely blingtastic. While it's fun to style and arrange your own crystal bridal comb, it's much more practical to purchase a pre-arranged one. The number and styles that you can find a crystal bridal comb is is unmatched now more than ever.   Once you're found the right crystal bridal comb for you, it's important to take it to the salon with you when you get your hair trial done. Even if you have a comparable (but less expensive) crystal bridal comb with you, differences in weight and look could alter the way your hair looks the day-of. If you have the chance, wear your crystal bridal comb around to try out the feel and weight of it before you get it all done up. You'll also want to ask your stylist how to fix your veil if it becomes detached from your crystal bridal comb.
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Advice for Bridal Combs

Bridal Combs on the Big Day


Make your bridal combs look perfect

Veils are the traditional headpiece worn by a bride on her wedding day, but they aren’t always the most flattering option. Depending on the hairstyle you’ve chosen on your big day (or personal preference), you may decide to use bridal combs in lieu of a more traditional cranium accessory. Bridal combs come in a variety of styles and they can even be used as an addition to the traditional veil. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your bridal combs in the days leading up to (and during) your wedding:   Keep in mind the feel and theme of your wedding while selecting bridal combs. While something fancier may dress up a simple gown, you want to be sure that your bridal combs don’t overpower the rest of your outfit. Bring your bridal combs to your trial hair appointment to see how it will look on the day-of. You may be worried about damaging it, but you won’t understand the full-effect of the look without it. Something that looked great in the salon may look completely different as you walk down the aisle with your bridal combs. If you are attaching a veil to your bridal combs (and you won’t have a stylist with you to attach it) designate someone to come with you during your trial hair appointment to learn how to attach (and detach!) your veil to your bridal combs.
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