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Gemstone Inspired Weddings: Emeralds

Emerald Gemstone Inspired WeddingsAre you considering gemstone inspired weddings? Consider Emerald as your crown jewel! 

The Perfect Season

One of the beauties of gemstone inspired weddings is that they can easily last through each season, each season bringing it's own twist. Gemstones are generally connected with the earth and many associate that more with a fall wedding. However, being the birthstone for May means that it is basically born for a Spring wedding. For example, the dark of emerald paired with the pastels could make a spectacular contrast!

Center of Attention or Background?

Emerald is such a rich and warm color that it is easily a show stopper. However, it is also a very clean color that depending on your styling it can almost act as a neutral. Imagine replacing the traditional bold black with a deep emerald. Beautiful! In this role, emerald acts as a wonderful backdrop to pop out other colors, be they gemstone inspired or not.

Meaningful Connections

Another reason beyond color that gemstone inspired weddings can be a perfect choice is that gemstones bring a sense of connection, earthiness, and depending on your belief system, magic. Finding out the properties of the gemstone you want to use in your wedding is pretty simple.  It is generally known that Emeralds enhance unconditional love, unity, and friendship. Furthermore, according to it is even known as the "stone of successful love". Could there be a more perfect gemstone for a wedding?  Who wouldn't want a wedding dripping in emeralds, almost as a blessing bringing loyalty and domestic bliss upon the bride and groom as they embark on their marriage?

Wedding Themes

  • Medieval
  • Royal/Princess
  • Bohemian
  • Vintage
  • Luxury
  • Gemstones ...Duh!

What do you think of using Emerald as not only a wedding color, but the entire theme of the wedding? Interesting or Eh?

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Top 5 Fall Wedding Color Combos

Pulled from trending wedding blogs, Pinterest boards, and experience Wedding Collectibles is taking a look at the top Fall Wedding Colors for 2014! Even if you are not having seasonal wedding theme, the seasons influence what wedding colors are going to be the easiest to find accessories in and are going to seem right. Like a floral wedding with spring colored flowers in the middle of winter with snow falling…it just doesn’t fit. So, take a look at these colors that give variety, but also just fit the fall mood!

1) Pumpkin

Fall Wedding Colors

Starting with the more obvious choice, but definitely a fall wedding favorite we have pumpkin! This color can go with a lot of different styles and doesn’t mean you have to have fall leaves and actual pumpkins at your wedding -though that could be cute! This nice and earthy tone will bring in the warmth that goes with the idea of snuggling under a blanket. A good color to match this with if you want to help yourself avoid the thanksgiving dinner feel is navy.

2) Eggplants and Mustard     

Who doesn’t like a good eggplant? This fall wedding color combo is perfect for those bohemian, hipster, shabby chic weddings. This color combo and style also works better for someone who wants to have more flowers at their wedding.

3) Peach and Magenta

Fall Color Palette

Photo: Ruffled Blog “Fall Floral Color Palette”

This color palette is less of being two colors, and meant to be more that it starts with peach and melds into other rosy colors into the dark magenta, giving you a nice color range. This is a great color combo for the fall because it can mimic a bundle of mixed berries. You can have your bridesmaids in the different colors and even serve things like blueberry pie!J. Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only streaming

4) Emerald and Pewter

Emerald Wedding Colors

Photo: Letter Impressed, “Fall Wedding Color Combinations” By Ajalon

Emerald is another great color choice for fall and is becoming increasingly popular. Paired with a pewter or warm gray will help that emerald stand out and give your wedding and simple, elegant look.

5) Dusty Blue and Cranberry Red

Trendy Fall Wedding Colors

Photo: The Bride Link, “Fall Wedding Color Ideas”

The final color palette in our top 5 is not necessarily in last place. This mixture of dark and light, warm and cool, creates a supremely elegant wedding look. It works well with the various wedding style favorites, but will always create a look of sophistication.

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