Gemstone Inspired Weddings: Emeralds

Gemstone Inspired Weddings: Emeralds

Emerald Gemstone Inspired Weddings

Are you considering gemstone inspired weddings? Consider Emerald as your crown jewel! 

The Perfect Season

One of the beauties of gemstone inspired weddings is that they can easily last through each season, each season bringing it's own twist. Gemstones are generally connected with the earth and many associate that more with a fall wedding. However, being the birthstone for May means that it is basically born for a Spring wedding. For example, the dark of emerald paired with the pastels could make a spectacular contrast!

Center of Attention or Background?

Emerald is such a rich and warm color that it is easily a show stopper. However, it is also a very clean color that depending on your styling it can almost act as a neutral. Imagine replacing the traditional bold black with a deep emerald. Beautiful! In this role, emerald acts as a wonderful backdrop to pop out other colors, be they gemstone inspired or not.

Meaningful Connections

Another reason beyond color that gemstone inspired weddings can be a perfect choice is that gemstones bring a sense of connection, earthiness, and depending on your belief system, magic. Finding out the properties of the gemstone you want to use in your wedding is pretty simple.  It is generally known that Emeralds enhance unconditional love, unity, and friendship. Furthermore, according to it is even known as the "stone of successful love". Could there be a more perfect gemstone for a wedding?  Who wouldn't want a wedding dripping in emeralds, almost as a blessing bringing loyalty and domestic bliss upon the bride and groom as they embark on their marriage?

Wedding Themes

  • Medieval
  • Royal/Princess
  • Bohemian
  • Vintage
  • Luxury
  • Gemstones ...Duh!

What do you think of using Emerald as not only a wedding color, but the entire theme of the wedding? Interesting or Eh?