Pros and Cons of a Fall Wedding

Pros and Cons of a Fall Wedding

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Fall Wedding Pros List

Warm Colors:

The change in colors during the fall season is a perfect opportunity for matching warm and vibrant wedding colors. There is something about fall colors that just seems so cozy and romantic.

Cool Weather:

With the weather change, you're less likely to find your make up melting off as you pose for pictures. This can be a huge plus, especially if your likely to get cranky when you are overheated.

Amazing Seasonal Themes:

While this can be a perk in any season, there are a lot of themes that just tend to blossom in the fall. So if your interested in anything from Back to School (High School Sweethearts) or Harvests, then Fall is your season!

New Beginnings:

There seems to be Three times a year where a feelings of fresh new starts run amok: There's New Years, early Spring, and early Fall. Why fall? For one, the leaves changing creates a sense of how quickly life changes. Then the fall also marks the new school year. Even if your not in school or don't have kids, our society is raised in this pattern. So, whether you have realized it or not, we've been trained to start a new year at the beginning of fall AND at the beginning of the calendar year! Getting rained out: Pro or Con for a Fall wedding?

Fall Wedding Cons List

Weather is less dependable:

We talked about the cooler weather being a pro, but it is also a con. With the weather change comes even more weather unpredictability. Cold, rain, and wind are likely disruptions of any outdoor wedding. Though, if you keep your wedding indoors, this isn't a big problem.

Busy Schedules for Guests:

Like we said in the pro list, the fall equals the start of the new school year. Kids are back in school and a million other activities. Plus, many adults prefer to use their vacation days during the summer or the holiday season.