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The Bridal Veil: Beautiful and Timeless

The Bridal Veil: Beautiful and Timeless

Scattered Pearl Border & Cut Edge Veil Earlier this week we discussed ways for the bride to style her hair for her wedding day and one of those options is to wear a veil. However, we didn't go into great detail on the reasoning or history of why brides are traditionally meant to wear a veil. Brides have been wearing veils since ancient Greek and Roman times. The veil was said to be able to protect the bride's purity - the bride being at her purest on her wedding day - from jealous spirits. At its beginnings, the veil was worn in bright reds and yellows because those were the two dominant colors that would scare away evil spirits. Then, the veil also symbolized protecting the bride's modesty from the view of the husband. In ancient times and in some cultures today, during courtship, the bride would be veiled as a way of protecting her modesty and purity. The bridal veil tends to have more particular meaning in religions, though despite the many various faiths, the meaning of the bridal veil seems to come down to the same idea: To protect or cover a woman's purity. 

Single Layer Veil in Soft Tulle with Beaded Edging In today's culture the weight of that meaning is often dismissed and is instead exchanged for being a fashion accessory the bride can choose from. This isn't a cut and dry negative and neither is it entirely a positive transformation. What it does do is it give brides a lot more options. By not being limited to the symbolic nature of the bridal veil it frees the exact style or design of the veil giving brides a wide selection of veils. This does not mean that the veils beauty and meaning is completely lost, but it may mean that brides that do have the desire adhere to the traditional use and symbol of the veil will need to make the extra effort to emphasize its importance and meaning. 

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5 Creative Ways to Include Pets At Your Wedding

Dog in Wedding Ceremony in Pasadena California

  Hey dog and cat lovers! This one is for you! Fluffy has to be in the bridal party! We understand. But how do you include them on your wedding day?

Here are 5 fun ways to incorporate your pet on your big day!

1) Accessorize! There are several dog wedding accessories out there you can purchase. For example, if the groomsmen are wearing bow ties, throw a cute little matching bow on your dog! 2) Having a destination wedding and can't bring your pet? Don't worry! Bring them along to your engagement session shoot. That way they are part of your wedding in a special way without having the trouble to travel with them! 3) Getting pampered for your wedding? Take the cats or dogs to get groomed as well! That way your pet feels part of the wedding and look and feel fresh! 4) Is your pet a regular on your instagram pictures?  Have them be a prop in your photo booth! People will love to pose with him/her and your pooch will feel like a celebrity! If you feel uncomfortable having them around guests, print out a life size cut out of them instead for a prop. 5) Nervous they won't cooperate on the wedding day? Bring them to the rehearsal instead. That way there is no pressure on your pet and they are still part of your wedding!
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A wedding day must have that provides for nice finishing touch to that very special day

Wedding garter, a popular bridal accessory, is a must have for that very special occasion. There is a wide range to choose from when it comes to buying some truly gorgeous wedding garters that will seamlessly match your style and tastes. For example, fabulously fashioned in crisp satin, Simply Initials wedding garter comes in white and ivory. With its combination of traditional appeal and fun style, this becomes one of a kind unique bridal accessory. You can personalize it to make it even more special. You sure will relish the scintillating Swarovski crystal accent plus those sweet bow details. This indeed is a great accessory for every bride! There are some exquisite embroidery options made available for you. The gorgeously white garter can carry, if you wish, embroidered initials at no extra cost. It also comprises a free tossing garter. Another excellent option is Love Initials garter for the wedding day in white. Elegantly embroidered with your very own initials plus a ‘too cute’ heart, the exquisite wedding accessory may also carry his embroidered first initial as well as a heart in shades of your choice like light purple, aqua, brown, black, red, sage, medium pink, white or ivory thread. This amazing accessory, fashioned in smooth satin and in white only, is perfectly polished with superb Swarovski crystal accents. Right down to the fine sweet bow details, it’s truly precious even when tucked under your gown.
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Which accessory captures the spirit of wedding day romance and serves as perfect keepsake?

You can get some wonderful wedding garters of your choice with fascinating features. Depending on your tastes, you may opt for a simple albeit attractive or a jazzier yet elegant picks. Among our special recommendations is a magnificent Monogram elite garter that manages to capture the spirit of wedding day romance. It’s deftly embroidered with your very own marital monogram. Fashioned in super smooth satin and perfectly polished with a superb Swarovski crystal accent as well as sweet bow details, this garter is a precious piece. It’s available in white and ivory shades. You can get the garter (in white) embroidered at no additional cost with your monogram in light purple, sage, white, ivory, medium pink, red, aqua, chocolate or black thread. Beaded Elegance keepsake wedding garter is another lovely choice thanks to is crystal beadwork laced over sizzling chiffon. It helps make a contemporary wedding day statement on this beautiful bridal garter. Made with satin & organza, it carries a little pink rose bouquet in fine porcelain. Another wedding garter in cowboy western style looks adorable. It features a tiny rope bow aptly accented with a nice handmade porcelain Daisy. An elegant French lace garter, it has a pearl flower accent plus blue banding (specially for something blue!). To sum up, a gorgeous garter is a beautiful bridal accessory that not only meets a special wedding day tradition, but also adds a great finishing touch to with its classic appearance. It also makes for an ideal wedding keepsake!
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Wedding bridal purses add to the stunning look

There is no denying the fact that a bride is incomplete without her accessories, including bridal tiara and purse. Though bride carries a purse for keeping her personal stuff like comb and make up accessories but purses are also in integral part of bridal fashion. So, it becomes must for the bride to carry a wedding purse and therefore, it has to be fashionable and glamorous. Nowadays there is a wide variety available in different shapes, colors and sizes to choose from. Some of the popular varieties of wedding purses include floral beaded purse, silk purse, contemporary clutch purse and satin purse. There are some varieties of bridal purses that give classy touch of the past whereas there are some which are decorated in unique floral patterns. Also, you can choose from purses that can either be put under arms or with colored straps. Apart from the wedding day purses, there are also other varieties of bridal purses which serve different purposes. These include traditional and contemporary designs of money bags and totes. Also you can personalize your choice of bridal purse by adding extra features like pearls, stones, ribbons and lace. Surely, a wedding purse adds to the beauty and elegance of the bride’s wedding dress.
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