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Wedding bands for your beloved

Diamond wedding rings have always been very popular among the couples. Now, diamond wedding bands are increasing in their popularity. Legend has it that Cupid’s arrow tip was made with a diamond. So diamond was always a popular choice for representing love. In wedding rings and bands, small diamonds, usually less than a carat, are used. The most popular choice of color is sparkling white. But diamonds are also found in different colors like yellow and blue. The brilliance of the diamond usually depends on how the stone is cut and set to the ring or the band. So while choosing the wedding band or the ring, it is important that you pay proper attention to the stones and the setting. The fitting should also be perfect – not too tight nor too loose. It is best for both the couple to choose the band together. It will be fun as well as romantic. While making the purchase, you need to ensure that you have the diamond certificate. This certificate is usually from an independent testing laboratory. It provides the required details like the shape, carat weight, color and other specifications for the diamond. The diamond purchased must have a numerical ID that will identify it as being connected with the certificate.
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