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How to Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

How to Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day

If you consider yourself a "mama of fur babies", then you've probably thought about incorporating your pets into your wedding day... more than once.  It's okay!  We don't judge.  In fact, we encourage it!  Pets add such a unique element to your wedding day, even if it's just a pose for a quick photo.  It's a memory you'll get to cherish forever.  Below, we've included a few ways to make your pet a special part of your day.

Puppy Bow Tie

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding DayInclude Your Pet on Your Wedding Day Your can include your pet on your wedding day in many ways - start by dressing them up for the occasion!  This blue plaid doggy bowtie collar will make your pet feel like part of your day.  Sizing options are available in small to extra large for every size pet and includes side release buckles for easy on and off.  Outside of the wedding day, it can be reused for family photos, birthdays, and other special occasions that you can't imagine without your puppy love.

Dog Ring Pillow

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day The easiest way to include your pet on your wedding day is by having them be your ring bearer!  This satin pillow features ribbons that allow you to tie the pillow around your dogs back.  It can also attach to the leash if you'd like someone to accompany them down the aisle.  Also, it is adorned with fake wedding rings so you don't have to fret about the dog losing the real ones - we've got you covered.

Dog Satin Bow

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day If your puppy is planning to be a ring bearer, this Best Pet Doggy Bow is another great way to include your pet on your wedding day.  Available in black or white, the bow tie attaches to the dogs normal collar for an easy addition.  It's definitely a conversation piece, so be prepared for your guests to comment on that handsome puppy as he trots down the aisle.

Cat Tie Collar

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day When you include your pet on your wedding day, it isn't just limited to dogs - we've got outfits for your cat as well!  This adorable cat wedding tie is available in multiple sizes and comes with an elastic band for ease.  While they may not be able to walk down the aisle or hang out at the reception like a dog might, they can still be included in photos and the tie will still be a fun accessory for upcoming special occasions post wedding.

Flower Dog Collar

Include Your Pet on Your Wedding Day Maybe the doggy bowtie above was too masculine for your fur baby princess?  We've included this adorable flower dog collar just for her!  The collar is pink crocheted and adorned with a white flower and rhinestones for the pretty lady.  Like the other products, it is adjustable for various neck sizes and can be used many more times after the wedding. There are so many other ways you can include your pet on your wedding day - for more outfit ideas, visit our pet pages here for dogs and cats.  The best ideas are the ones that best fit you and your day, and we are happy to help any way we can!  Feel free to call us for more information or for help finding your perfect product.
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Building a Better Doggie Ring Bearer

Adding a little puppy influence to your wedding day is getting more and more popular, and while I've discussed nuptial alternatives before, I didn't take to time to go over assessing your dog's ring bearer potential in the first place. So how can you be sure that your dog has what it takes to spend close to an hour sitting patiently by your side without ripping his collared shirts to shreds or wetting the aisle runner at the lest opportune moment? And what can you do to get your pooch wedding-ready?   Refresh your Behavior Training
Generally obedient dogs make naive pet parents. Even if your dog is well-behaved at home and doesn't lunge at passing people and animals with alarming frequency, you should invest in a quick trip to a doggie day camp for a little re-training. Familiarize the both of you with simple commands and strengthen the bond you share before trotting his "sit" and "stay" in front of friends and family. Seasoned dog parents shouldn't ignore this request either - everyone can benefit from a fresh perspective. Practice the Bow Tie Beforehand
Even if you are blessed with the most well-behaved Fido on the block, don't just assume that he'll be too hot about the tie and collar you're going to try and strap on him hours before he's supposed to walk down the aisle. Some dogs are very particular and sensitive about what gets strapped to them, especially around their ears and feet. Practice a few times before the big show to be sure that your dog won't freak out or try to rip anything off with snarling jaws as you make your big entrance. I suggest getting a cheap t-shirt (before trying the expensive wedding wear) and letting your puppy lounge around the house in it for a few days. If he still isn't having it, scrap the idea and let him run naked on your wedding day. I don't recommend the same for your fiancé.   If it doesn't work out, that's fine.
Not every dog is cut out to be a ring bearer. My dog is one of these special, bed-wetting animals. If all else fails, don't blame yourself - just be content with a few cute engagement photos with your dog and enjoy a stress-free day sans-puppy incidents.
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