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Happily Ever After with Disney Cake Toppers

Happily Ever After with Disney Cake Toppers

Include a real Fairy Tale in your Fairy Tale Wedding with Disney Cake Toppers

  Millions of little girls sighed and daydreamed when they first saw Cinderella dance with her Prince Charming in the final minutes before midnight. Since then, we’ve all dreamed of meeting our own prince and living “Happily Ever After,” not forgetting the fairy tale-worthy wedding. Sparkling poufy sleeves and pumpkin carriages may break your budget (and glass slippers may break your ankle), so a more subtle approach may be in order. Why not lend the literal interpretation of your fairy tale to the top of your cake with Disney cake toppers?   Disney cake toppers will look wonderful atop traditional fluffy towers of pound cake or near chic rows of modern cupcakes – fairy tales never go out of style. Disney cake toppers can bring out the princess within and will always look beautiful as keepsakes on your mantle.   If being a pretty princess isn’t your thing, but you and your beloved are still avid Disney lovers, Disney cake toppers will still work for you. Just shirk the dancing couple and opt for the classic Mickey & Minnie display. Fans of original Disney cartoons will love Disney cake toppers that feature the iconic duo smooching it up on your dessert table. If you don’t see yourself as a mouse on your big day, try for a cute human couple donning those conspicuous ears. No matter what your taste, Disney lovers will be thrilled with Disney cake toppers.
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