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How can you translate the unity candle design into a personalized family crest?

While preparing for your wedding, undoubtedly one of the most special days in your life, you need to be precise in your preparations. You will be required to pay minute attention to every little detail and each accessory that will play its role in enhancing the overall décor as well as adding to the joy and spirit of the special occasion. Wedding unity candles and candle holders is one such accessory that you must select with care.  We acquaint you with some exquisite pieces so that you get a fair idea of what’s on offer. Why not get a truly fabulous Family Circle Monogram unity candle that is personalized for you? Its deft flexible circle design prominently features a monogram crest. It leaves scope for personalizing both bottom and top circle portions with a special message, names, or wedding date. You may, if you want, include more family member's names to make this design a truly personalized family crest. Expert designers use their discretion to fit the text into the space available. On you part, you will be required to provide the text or names to be featured on each item beforehand. Importantly, the North American tradition entails that the name of bride is always followed by that of the groom's. There are such small, albeit vital aspects to be kept in mind, while translating the ubiquitous unity candle design into a personalized family crest.
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Wedding cake servers, unity candles and candle holders for an idealistic feel to your occasion

Wedding is the occasion of a lifetime and people often don’t mind to go an extra mile to make it a memorable one. Trivial of things are eyed for detail so as to make it special. Apart from the photographs, it is these efforts that gets captured and stored in our memories forever. The cake cutting ceremony at the wedding reception is the celebration of the life that will be shared by the couple together in the years to come. During the ceremony, generally the groom places his hand over the bride’s to show their unison and cut its first slice. Though the ceremony will be cherished by both, no matter what, but to add a dazzle to it, cake servers play a perfect role. Silk flowers or ribbons can also be added to these servers to adorn them even more. Besides, to create a romantic ambience, there is nothing better than beautiful candles that can be thought of. There are different designer wedding unity candles, specially made for the occasion of wedding that portrays the unity of the bride and the groom. Presented with gorgeous candle holders, they lighten up the whole occasion and give an idealistic feel to it.
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