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Pre-Wedding Desserts No One will Expect

If you’re hosting a party in honor of someone’s upcoming wedding, it might be the ideal time to experiment with some cool new sugary goodies. Your guests will always expect a grocery store sheet cake or a paper plate of chocolate chip cookies at any pre-wedding party(engagement parties, bridals showers, bachelorette bashes), so blow them away with something unexpected and homemade! Some of these baking adventures are easier than others, but you’re guaranteed to find at least one frosted recipe that fits your abilities in the following lineup of yummy ideas:   A Croquembouche for the Engagement Party
Pretty Difficult   A croquembouche is an elegant pyramidal French dessert that often substitutes for a fluffy wedding cake during the reception. It features a big beautiful pile of crunchy chocolate-drizzled crème puffs (chocolate optional) held together with delicate strands of caramel, often piled so high that they look like sugary spider webs. This dessert is great for an engagement party because you can eat it on the go without losing any of the elegance you expect from a formal dessert. Engagement parties tend to be smaller than weddings, and this dessert scales up or down with ease. You can mingle, chat, and grab a crème puff on the go.
The croquembouche isn’t a recipe for beginners (unless you want to brave hot caramel over a long period of time), but if you’re in love with the style of this dessert without possessing the cooking credentials you need to pull it off, there’s no shame in finding a bakery to do the delicious dirty work.
How To   Petit Fours for the Bridal Shower
Not So Bad Afternoon teas and casual garden parties are popular bridal shower themes, but you have a chance to set your event apart by taking a crack at baking the bite-size dessert cakes yourself. The recipe is easier than it looks, and the end result always ends impressively. If you’re feeling adventurous and you have the extra time, browse for different recipes to make your dessert plate that much more impressive. Or you could cheat (like me) and decorate each of them a little differently.
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High Heel Cupcakes for the Bachelorette Party
E for Everyone! These cupcakes have been floating around blogs for the last few weeks, and there’s something oddly intimidating about them – but they look more complicated than they are. Anyone can whip up a batch of cupcakes (with or without a box) and buy a pack of graham crackers; the real challenge in this recipe is decoration. Spend an afternoon experimenting and finding what works and what doesn’t – you can eat the evidence of your failures. You could also print out the recipe and provide a decorations and pre-baked cupcakes for the girls at the bachelorette party itself. Spend the evening decorating, chatting, and laughing at inexplicable sprinkle failures.
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