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Two Centerpieces: One Wedding

Assembling centerpieces, be it for a wedding or pre-wedding event, can be daunting. If you don’t have the assistance of a professional, your options at time seem limited. When you want to create two separate centerpiece visions for your wedding: one for the adults and the other for the oft-overlooked kids table, the task is downright scary. To ease your suffering, here are two of my favorite quick-and-easy centerpiece ideas, one for an adults’ table, and one that’s a little more kid-friendly:

Crayon Heaven
We’ll begin with the little ones. While this is technically a kids’ table favorite, no one will judge you for whipping it out during a particularly distressing Thanksgiving dinner next year. Everyone can use a little crayon therapy. Crayons and butcher paper, in any combination, will win over hearts at your next wedding function, including the big day itself! My favorite arrangement is a small terracotta pot filled with crayons and a table number sticking out of the center. If you can, use the same table numbers that you’re using for the main event.   A butcher paper table cloth will not only save your linens, but it will keep the little ones occupied until the parents are ready to turn in. Think about matching that style of the TWine bottle centerpiece (outlined below) by wrapping the terracotta pot in twine as well. If you want to combine the ideas, make it cohesive by presenting every place setting (children, adults, or both) with a set of twine-tied crayons.

The TWine Bottle
There’s nothing simpler and easier than a wine bottle centerpiece, and they always look elegant and fabulous, especially at weddings and wedding functions. The most elegant look (I feel) is to group several bottles of different sizes together and insert small tealights or other-shaped candles into the bottom. The easiest way to do this is to cut the bottom of the bottle off and use it as a candle cover. Don’t try to squeeze a candle in through the neck – it never ends pleasantly.   For a more involved and rustic wine bottle centerpiece, with the simple application of twine, a glue gun, and an afternoon with a few bottles of wine, you have a collection of wonderful and professional-looking wine bottles for close to no money. This would be a fun craft for a weekend with your bridesmaids! More in-depth tutorials aren’t hard to find if you’re having trouble!

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Don't Stress About Bridal Shower Centerpieces

 So you’ve been charged with decorating a bridal shower, huh? If you’re a friend or family member of the bride, this can be a daunting task.
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What are the centerpiece ideas just perfect for the wedding table?

If you are looking for captivating centerpieces for your wedding day, there are many online resources available to simplify and enhance the selection. You can make a correct choice provided you are clear about your exact requirements. An eclectic wedding centerpiece decoration acts as a pivotal point of the entire ceremony. A wonderful wedding centerpiece customized for the occasion fascinates all. If you apply imagination, thought and some creativity, you can conceive a perfect centerpiece for the wedding table. For example, you can opt to place a bowl as the centerpiece. It can be filled with fabulous fluttering butterflies. Let them elegantly float on the water! The imagery will make for an attention-grabbing centerpiece. You can create more magic by adding candles to it. You can place candles made in the form of beautiful butterflies for the purpose. Or use orchids with floating candles. These flowers with catchy colors and delicate wings sure will do the trick. How about placing some floating candlesticks in the miniature mouth blown glasses? This will look indeed lovely and stunning when set on a sumptuous buffet table or adorning the ravishing reception table. You can try out some really unique ideas for wedding centerpiece decoration. Such creative ideas will add to the charm of your centerpiece, and make the occasion even more memorable.
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How to create a simple, yet wedding cake centerpiece?

Even a simple a wedding cake centerpiece made on your own can nicely compliment the main wedding cake. So apply your imagination, grab your basic raw material, some simple accessories. You can purchase them from local craft and hardware stores.
Here are easy steps to come up with a simple, yet wedding cake centerpiece: •    Organize supplies and arrange them for easily accessing and identifying them.
•    Separate the discs for each cake. When they’re stacked in order of large to small, the assembly should well resemble a wedding cake.
•    Next, spread just a thin layer of Spackle along the top and also along edges of each of your disc. Spackle should ideally be smooth.
•    Allow discs to dry before you go ahead.
•    Measure the circumference of each disc used to prepare one cake.
•    Ensure that the ribbon is cut so as to fit around each disc perfectly. You may cover the entire each disc or one particular area.
•    Secure the ribbon carefully on each of the discs by using a pin. Use more than one pin for larger ribbon.
•    Glue the three layers of each cake together and let them dry completely.
•    Place three or more cakes right in the center of each reception table.
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