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Lingerie for the Wedding

Photographer:  Claire Loves Love Photographer: Claire Loves Love
When you are about to get married, your attention usually goes to the dress, the bouquet and the shoes, but what about lingerie? When you are preparing for such a special occasion, you must definitely not forget to include intimate apparel for both, the ceremony and the wedding night because it is indispensable to wear super comfortable and functional clothing. The design of the lingerie will directly depend on the style of wedding dress. For instance, if you will be wearing a dress made of silk or satin fabrics, you should better avoid lace or thigh lingerie that may be noticeable or can leave marks. Even if there is no magic wand to make you look perfect, there are some types of underwear that help shape your body to look much better and sexier. For example, girdles, padded or push-up bras, are ideal for corset of strapless wedding dresses. The underwear you choose for that special day will also vary upon the details of the dress such as trim or fabric, but also on how you want to look that day. It is not the same using a padded or push up bra than using a regular bra. Fantasy The functional and comfortable stay behind to let lingerie for the wedding night take place. In this scenario, you want to look for more sensual underwear that provoke and become part of the seduction and mystery ritual that happens on the wedding night. Fantasy lingerie is perfect if you want to be extra ordinary. It may include lace, garters, belts and applications. Look for garments that are non-traditional, that you would not wear every day. The color palette for both outfits is kind of limited to white, ivory, pink or lavender; however, if you are bolder, you may include other tones such as red or hot pink, especially for the wedding night. The most important when choosing lingerie is to consider how it makes you feel when wearing it. You must feel sexy, elegant, confident but above all, comfortable.  
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Underwear for your wedding day

All brides spend hours at end to choose their wedding dress. Choosing what to wear underneath is as important as the dress itself. You can opt for some sexy undergarments instead of plane jane ones. You must invest as much time and efforts on your underwear as you invest on your dress. After all it is a once in a lifetime happening.  Most corsets meant for wedding are attractive. They support your body and makes sure that you are comfortable. Choose your lingerie after you have zeroed in on your dress. It must go with your gown. It must not be a misfit and make you look ugly or vulgar. So take your time to decide. Go to a specialty lingerie shop and seek help from the people working in those shops. If your wedding gown is strapless, you will need to wear a bustier. You can choose a one piece bra and panty set. That way, you will look more svelte. Your fabric must be something that will keep you comfortable. Do not try to save money on the lingerie. It is one of the most important and deciding factor on how you look on your D day.
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