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Getting Creative with Birthday Cake Toppers

Finding the Right Birthday Cake Toppers

Birthday Cake Toppers

Not all cake toppers are for weddings and vow renewals; many families chose to celebrate birthdays with a little more enthusiasm and flair than plastic balloons on a Costco sheet cake, and elegant birthday cake toppers are the kind of accessories that set these events apart. Birthday cake toppers aren’t limited to pink floating female figurines, though they certainly are available. Many modern birthday cake toppers might feature a monogram for either the first or family name of the birthday girl. Birthday cake toppers also feature floral arrangements, explosions of tulle and colorful beads, or anything else you can imagine sitting pretty on a beautiful birthday cake. Great options for birthday cake toppers for recipients of any sex (the girl figurines tend to be a little one-sided that way) are glass ornaments that take the place of more traditional birthday cake toppers. These toppers feature the name of the birthday girl (or boy!) and might also display the date and name of the event (Sweet Sixteen, My quinceanera, etc.). These birthday cake toppers may also reflect the birthday theme (autumn, island, etc.). Birthday cake toppers don’t have to be limited to your cheesy plastic selection at the grocery store pastry counter – you just have to take the time to find birthday cake toppers that are right for you!
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