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Wedding Linens

Wedding linens are an important part of the reception. The napkins, the table and chair covering and the runners need to be chosen with utmost care. Table covers are available in numerous prints, including lace, elegant, theme, sheer, holiday, and so on. You will have to choose one that will complement the theme. A runner is a broad strip of fabric that is kept on top of the table covering and it runs down the center. It is supposed to add color to the setting. They are available in different shape and sizes. You can also choose from an assortment of colors. Some even have tassels instead of being hemmed at the end. The napkins must also be selected to complement the existing setting. They are also available in a variety of prints. For instance if your wedding theme is pink and grey, then you might think of having a pink table cloth with grey runner. The napkins can be pink in color with grey rings. If you wish, you can have chairs matching the table settings, then you have to choose suitable chair covers. You can also have pretty flowers decorating the back of the chair. It is important that your covers fit the chairs snugly. An oversized cover will not look very good.
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