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The Right Venue for a Black Aisle Runner

A Black Aisle Runner: A Versatile Statement Piece

Black Aisle Runner

Trying to find an aisle runner that fits with your venue and theme isn’t always easy. The selection can sometimes feel limited, and finding something that makes your aisle stand out can sometimes be a challenge. For a chic touch of class, I suggest a black aisle runner. f For starters, a black aisle runner helps your gown (and by proxy, you) stand out as you march down the aisle. Especially for a long white gown, a black aisle runner can be a strategic style move that will draw your guests’ eyes to you. Instead of your gown melting into the floor, a black aisle runner helps you to stand apart from your décor. A black aisle runner is also a beautiful piece of contrast for your ceremony space if you have light-colored floors. A white aisle runner doesn’t always work with every venue. Instead of trying so hard to match the color scheme of the space, use a black aisle runner for contrast. It’s unexpected, it’s beautiful, and it’s likely that your guests won’t be able to pinpoint exactly what’s different about the way you set up your aisle. For added beauty and contrast, line your aisle with candles or white bunches of flowers. The white on black aisle runner affect will set your event apart and burn itself into the memories of your guests.
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Announce Her Entrance with a Wedding Aisle Runner

A Wedding Aisle Runner for your Wedding Day

Wedding Aisle Runner

No matter the venue, only one wedding staple truly announces the arrival of the bride: the wedding aisle runner. Tradition dictates that the official wedding aisle runner is saved until the bride makes her grand entrance, though placing it beforehand is hardly taboo. Care should be taken in the rolling and unrolling of the wedding aisle runner; dictate one or two ushers whose job it is to transport the wedding aisle runner and keep it clean and out of the way. Personalized wedding aisle runners are worth keeping (and thus worth keeping clean!). Accenting your wedding aisle runner with flower petals, candles, and other season accessories will make the bride’s grand entrance even more spectacular, but don’t forget to warn the ushers about the obstacles! The right wedding aisle runner can really pull together the feel of your wedding ceremony, and personalized ones can even fit the theme and/or color scheme of your whole wedding. A decal can turn a plain wedding aisle runner into an accessory to your island getaway, and a wedding aisle runner with lines of wording of your choosing can be the marker into your new life together as you enter and exit the ceremony space. Your guests won’t make any mistake about whose wedding they’re at with the right personalized wedding aisle runner!
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