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Art and Versatility in Abstract Wedding Cake Toppers

Abstract Wedding Cake Toppers for an Adventurous Wedding

Abstract Wedding Cake Toppers

Some couples don’t really want traditional cake toppers: toppers that feature what you might expect from the top of a wedding cake. For more adventurous couples, abstract wedding cake toppers are what really embody the look and feel of a truly artistic wedding. What are abstract wedding cake toppers? Well, much like many works of modern art, abstract wedding cake toppers chose to represent love in new and exciting ways through interesting aesthetics and symbolic expression. Abstract wedding cake toppers experiment with color and shape to show you the union of two people in a way you wouldn’t expect on top of your cake. In a way, abstract wedding cake toppers are a whole new kind of art. What’s really wonderful about abstract wedding cake toppers (aside from their departure from the mundane) is their versatility. Abstract wedding cake toppers are more “figurine” than topper, and they won’t look out of place anywhere at your wedding – or in your home. Abstract wedding cake toppers fit in wonderfully on a sweetheart table, at the bar, or right where it was intended – the top of a beautifully decorated wedding cake.   Your abstract wedding cake toppers will fit beautifully into the décor of your modern home as well – be sure to give it a place of honor!
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