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DIY Wedding Programs

There are so many little items and accessories that are a part of your wedding day. Keeping track of all of them and finding the perfect item for every item you need, can be difficult.
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Designing and Distributing Wedding Programs

Wonderful Wedding Programs

Wedding Programs Wedding programs are an important part of the wedding ceremony lineup, and how you decide to craft and distribute them can be just as important. Many brides choose to make their own wedding programs, and kits for wedding programs are always a safe and fun way to take the DIY route. So how should you make sure that your wedding programs are available to all of your guests? Are there any fun, unique ways to make and distribute wedding programs? The short answer is “Yes.” Wedding programs in fan form are the most popular design for the quirky bride who wants to assure her guests’ comfort. These wedding programs often come in kits and are easy to assemble in use. Arrange a get-together evening with your maids a few nights before the wedding for a quick and easy assembly line that will have your wedding programs put together in no time. Any wedding programs that come in “kit” form are bound to be less expensive than a trip to the printers, and they’re often much more fun to assemble. Now, in order to make sure all of your guests receive wedding programs, there are two sure-fire strategies: you can either have an usher hand them out at the entrance to your ceremony, or you can have them placed individually on guests’ chairs. For an outdoor ceremony, it might be wise to have something that weighs the wedding programs down to keep them from flying away, such as river rocks. If you don’t like that style but aren’t employing the use of ushers at your ceremony, you can always display your wedding programs in a decorative basket at the front. Make sure they’re nice and noticeable!
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