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An Alternative to Bare Feet: Comfy Bridal Shoes

Keeping Comfy Bridal Shoes On-Hand

Comfy Bridal Shoes

Not everyone spends their days in three-inch platforms, and most of us spend as little time in such shoes as possible. On your wedding day, however, many brides choose to bite the bullet and wear some seriously uncomfortable footwear in the name of bridal fashion. While they might look good in pictures, these less than comfy bridal shoes can really throw off your game for the rest of the night. While you should be thinking about your new spouse or the friends and family who traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to see you, all you can think about is throwing off those damn shoes. Our suggestion is to have an easily-accessible and stylish pair of comfy bridal shoes ready to go the second you finish with pictures. Comfy bridal shoes range from slip-ons to sandals, and they’re a much better alternative to a night of pain and regret.   Start looking now for the right pair of comfy bridal shoes. These should be shoes that work with your outfit, draw very little attention to themselves, and protect your tootsies from the perils of the dance floor. Some brides simply kick off their shoes as the night wears on, but we caution against that. Not only will your feet look a lot less gross with a good pair of comfy bridal shoes, you’re also more protected from the hazards of the bare ground. Get smart, and find a pair of comfy bridal shoes that work for you!
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Bridal Shoes Fit for Dancing!

Bridal Shoes: When High Heels Just Won’t Cut It

Bridal Shoes

  While brides may spend hours pouring over possible contenders for the perfect pair of bridal shoes, most of them don’t think twice about how else they should take care of their feet during their wedding day. Beautiful bridal shoes usually mean sore ankles and throbbing toes by the end of the evening – why not invest in something that gives your tootsies a break every once in a while? Alternative bridal shoes include such selections as flip flops, ballet flats, barefoot jewelry, and even slippers! While you might want to save the slippers for the morning after, the other bridal shoes make for a wonderful foot break during your reception. Flip flops are not only comfortable, but practical and not so bad lookin’ either. Consider purchasing these matching bridal shoes for everyone in the bridal party, or maybe even for all of your guests! High heels might look nice, but walking around all night in them would drive any feet nuts! The ballet flat bridal shoes are another (somewhat more elegant) choice, and they pack the added benefit of portability. Many of these bridal shoes fold up into small bags for easy slipping on and off!
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