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Say "I Do" Everyday Forever

 Say "I Do" Everyday Forever

Marriage is a commitment. Whether you see it as death till you part or for time and all eternity, marriage is a commitment of love, loyalty, sacrifice, forgiveness, compassion, and trust. While the wedding day is a huge and special event (as it creates a huge industry of wedding products and services), it is only the beginning. This realization is something many new brides relish in theory. It adds to the lofty romance. However, it creates a different kind of romance for couples that have been married for 15,25, and 50 years. Once you have been together for that long, and have lived that commitment, marriage and the promise of marriage takes a new meaning. Couples should never stop realizing how much they love each other and should never stop celebrating the life they have together. That is why Wedding Collectibles provides beautiful products for not only soon-to-be brides, but also for wedding anniversaries for those couples that are choosing to celebrate their love once again.

50th Pearl Rose Cake Top

Just like for newlyweds, there is a large selection of anniversary wedding cake toppers that can please any celebrating couple. The above is the "50th Pearl Rose Cake Topper" and it helps create that romantic and classy look that easily represents the kind of timeless love a couple of 50 years would recognize.

Crystal Florette Accented Porcelain Monogram Cake Topper - Custom Colors!

Another option for anniversary couples is a monogram or number cake topper. These are simple and very flexible for whatever year mark you would be celebrating. With these cake toppers there is a wide selection of fonts, colors, and decorative accents that will work nicely with any themed party.

Hippie Cake Topper Figurine

For spunky couples it might be more fun to celebrate with a more quirky cake topper that matches your couple personality. This option works great for couples that have been married for several years because the couples personality is more fully developed or has gone through many transformations. Plus, if you are a couple that had a more traditional wedding, a more spunky anniversary party may be a better option. You have been married for so long; You deserve to celebrate in style!

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Gifting an Anniversary Photo Frame

Match the Couple to the Anniversary Photo Frame

Anniversary Photo Frame

  Anniversaries are landmark occasions for any couple, be it 25, 30, or even a 50 year mark. The problem is, when you’re gift shopping for the lucky couple in your life, it can be hard to find something that isn’t already cluttering their home. An anniversary photo frame, however, is a great addition to any long-time lovers’ foyer. Unlike a regular, un-marked photo frame, an anniversary photo frame marks this particular occasion for them. It allows for cataloguing among the clutter, and it might convince them to immortalize this moment while they can. An anniversary photo frame is usually distinguished an elegant – a match for the varsity-level love in the celebratory household. When you’re selecting an anniversary photo frame as a gift, think about the composition of their household. Unlike newlyweds, a couple celebrating a landmark anniversary probably already has a dominant style and color scheme in their home. Inquire with friends and family before settling on an anniversary photo frame purchase. You wouldn’t want to give a modern, funky anniversary photo frame to a traditional cream-and-barn wood couple.
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Say “I do” Again with Anniversary Cake Toppers

Anniversary Cake Toppers Renew your Love

Anniversary Cake Toppers

Your wedding shouldn’t be the only day you want to celebrate your union with your spouse. Vow renewals and anniversaries are becoming more and more common as the next big event for the dedicated couple, and anniversary cake toppers are making the day as special as it was the first time.   Anniversary cake toppers can elevate a renewal event or anniversary party to the next celebratory level. By having a cake and crowning it with anniversary cake toppers, your event won’t be “just another party.” Anniversary cake toppers are a special, elegant, and beautiful way to signify an anniversary or vow renewal.   Anniversary cake toppers have as many options open to them (and often more!) than the traditional wedding cake topper. Anniversary cake toppers can display the number of years a couple has been together, a photo from the couple’s wedding, or even a mature couple sharing a kiss. Vow renewals and anniversary events are a great way to show the one you love that you still love them just as much as you did when you first said “I do” – crown the moment with anniversary cake toppers!
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Wedding Cake Toppers...Redefined!

Want to see a sneak peak on the latest trends in cake toppers. Here you will be able to take a look at funny cake toppers, contemporary cake toppers, and traditional wedding cake toppers. httpvh://
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