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Finding the Right Gift: Wedding Handkerchiefs

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of the right gift for a special person in your life during the hectic hustle and bustle of wedding planning. What words could possibly express your feelings of appreciation and gratitude for your mother, your future husband, future wife, your bridesmaids, and/or the dozens of others who compose your solid support system? It can be near impossible to find something that meaningful, simple, and useful all wrapped up in one gift that won't break the bank. Ah! What will you do!?!  The answer is, of course, wedding handkerchiefsA-Brides-Tradition-From-Friend-or-Family-to-the-Bride-Wedding-Handkerchief Wedding handkerchiefs offer a unique gift opportunity as something you can present it to someone before the wedding ceremony. They work as a personalized tool for eye-drying and nose-blowing (luckily, they're washable) during the heart-wrenching ceremony, and they work perfectly as a gift from anyone to anyone (father to bride, groom to mother, bride to bridesmaids). With the miracle of embroidery and personalization, wedding handkerchiefs make a perfect one-size-fits-all gift.  Wedding handkerchiefs become even more special if they are accompanied by a heartfelt poem that expresses the feelings that you have, but might not be able to find the words for. Wedding handkerchiefs are available with or sans poem, but all are meaningful and beautiful. Wedding handkerchiefs are the perfect way to show someone special that their presence is both meaningful and appreciated.
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The Right Maid of Honor Gift for the Perfect Maid of Honor!

A Perfect, Personal Maid of Honor Gift

Maid of Honor Gift

  Your Maid of Honor has been there for you through thick and thin during the ordeal that is wedding planning; how should you thank her in a way that is both meaningful and budget-conscious? A well-picked Maid of Honor gift starts with knowing your Maid of Honor: Is she a foodie? Does she love the outdoors? Is she constantly glued to her phone? Try to select a Maid of Honor gift that suits her personality and her needs. How do you make it personal? The key to a beautiful and personal Maid of Honor gift is personalization by means of names and monograms. Find something that suits her lifestyle, personalize it to show that you thought of her in particular, and voila! A beautiful Maid of Honor gift worthy of the girl who's stuck with you through everything. Having trouble deciding on where to start for a Maid of Honor gift, or not sure what would fit her needs? Consider something that fits in with her needs for the wedding, such as a personalized makeup clutch or wedding tote. These items make a wonderful Maid of Honor gift but can still be used after the big day. Knowing your Maid of Honor is the first step toward a wonderful Maid of Honor gift, but there are some items that are universal! Good luck on your hunt for the right Maid of Honor gift!
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Functional and Fabulous: Wedding Handbags

Wedding Handbags Make Great Bridesmaid Gifts

Wedding Handbags

As a bride, your wedding day will be full of running around and dashing from event to event, and your bridesmaids won't be far behind. You and your maids will likely be accompanying one another to hair appointments, last-minute rehearsals, mad dashes back to the hotel room for lost earrings or extra bobby pins. How should you keep everyone organized yet put-together? Treat yourself (and your dedicated girlfriends) to matching wedding handbags. Your wedding handbags should be simple and elegant, yet functional. There are more things to carry around on your wedding day than you might think, and wedding handbags will make the day flow easier. By purchasing wedding handbags for the entire wedding party (mom and grandma probably wouldn't mind being included, either), it will give your wedding a look of unity while allowing you to cart around emergency supplies (such as mascara and heel-protecting band-aids) without toting a clunky purse. Your maids will even be able to stand beside you at the altar with their matching wedding handbags without looking out of place. You could make the wedding handbags a gift for your bridesmaids and match them to their outfits, or select a statement color that will contrast nicely with their dresses (think red clutches for black-clad bridesmaids). Their wedding handbags would look especially nice in white, as to match the main attraction.
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Choosing Gifts For The Groom’s Men And The Bride’s Maids

When you shop for gifts for your bridesmaids, make sure to see whether they match with the theme of the wedding or not. You can choose from a variety of gifts like scarves and jewelry and accessories. You can get small purses or beaded breeches designed for them with their initials on it. Or you can give them crystal showpieces that will remind them of your wedding. It is better to personalize every gift so that they have a sentimental value attached. After all, your bridesmaids are your treasured friends. They deserve some personalized attention. Now comes the gifts for the groom’s men. It is always difficult to shop for men than for women. You can opt for perfumes or tie pins or wallets with their initials on. If you are a good cook, you can even think of whipping up something like a cake or some pasta or anything that you wish to. Again, the groom’s men are your close pals and thus they deserve something special. You can even take them out for a drink, maybe a pre bachelor party kind. Also there is no need to splurge on the gifts. Try and stay within the pre determined  budget.
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