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Cake Decorating Ideas That Are Meant to Help Brides

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas Ruffled-Elegant Oahu Wedding
Take a look Wedding Collectibles's "Coastal Cake Top

Cake Decorating Ideas That Are Meant to Help Brides Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, as do the pieces that build them up: centerpieces, wedding dresses, favors, and wedding cakes. The wedding cake, being one of the those must items, can be done in so many different ways and it can sometimes be hard to sort through all of the cake decorating ideas. An important thing to remember is that they are ideas, suggestions, and simply possibilities and not really rules. Of course, the cake decorating ideas that you are likely to encounter are going to be based on both tradition and the way cakes have been decorated in the past and on ways in which you can push on those traditions. As you sort through these decoration ideas, you can pick and choose between traditional and non-traditional designs. Some brides prefer pulling from the more traditional wedding cake decorating ideas because it can be a more sentimental route. However, adhering to a tradition does not mean it has to be in a traditional way. For example, wedding cake toppers are a traditional aspect of wedding cake decorations -that bride and groom at the top of the cake have been there since before you were born- but that doesn't mean you can't put a fun twist to the design. Unique Cake Toppers as a Twist on Traditional Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas

  1. Unique Animal Wedding Cake Toppers - Seal it with a kiss with this Seal Wedding Cake TopperUnique Cake Decorating Idea A lot of bride's will choose to have a beach wedding this summer and along with that you will find plenty of beach themed wedding cake toppers with seashells and feet in the sand (see: "Beach Get Away"  and "Beach Romance") which can be unique in there more natural and casual design's, but how many wedding cakes have you found with seals on top? Animal wedding cake toppers may not be every bride's cup of tea, but you can be assured that it would be an adorable and unique cake decorating idea.
  2. Take a look at a more Stylized Design for a Twist on the TraditionalStylized Cake Decorating Ideas More stylized and artistic designs can also give you a different look, but keep you in the realm of tradition. There is something beautiful about the ease of these romantic wedding cake decorations.
Other Areas of Cake Decorating to Consider Along with using unique wedding cake toppers you should take a look at mixing up the wedding cake shape, colors, and even the cake-y-ness.
  • You have choices in the shape of your cake from its height to its form. Will you choose a round cake or square? Or will you go way out of the box and create your own shape? Will you have three tiers or two? Or Will you use cupcakes?
  • Another area people are branching out are in the color of their cake. Typically, people choose a white frosted cake as its base color, but why not mix it up?
  • Do you need cake? Some couples are pushing through this tradition by using pies and other desert options in place of the traditional wedding cake. Keep in mind that choosing pies would limit your decorating options (though there are some great "Monogram" cake toppers that are great for wedding pies!)
As you go through the many cake decoration ideas that are out there, it may be overwhelming, but one of the best parts of not being the first woman to ever get married is that the many brides before you have figured out a little bit about what works and what doesn't. Be sure to take your time in deciding on who will make your cake and browse through the many cake decorating designs that are available. And there are a lot. Trust me, we would know! We specialize in wedding cake toppers!

Take a look at our Cake Toppers and Let us Know Which Cake Decorations You Like Best!

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Why a Restaurant Wedding?

Selecting a venue for your ceremony and/or reception is usually the first step for a couple looking to piece together their wedding day. The venue will dictate the style and the details of the wedding – so where should you start? I suggest finding a restaurant for one or both of your venue needs, and here’s why:   No Vendor Hassle
Shuffling 200 different contacts and vendors in the weeks leading up to your wedding is enough to set anyone over the edge when they’re trying to plan a wedding. When you choose a restaurant as your ceremony/reception venue, however, you’re guaranteed that at least the food will be there on time. Restaurants also often come with lists of vendors that they work with frequently, so you’re close to guaranteed to be working with someone familiar with the conditions of the venue.

No Décor Worries
Restaurant come with décor (hopefully), and if you pick the right restaurant, you may not even need to add anything of your own at all. Most venues that are familiar with the wedding scene will often have selections of linens, simple centerpieces (like candles or paper goods), and will know how to arrange seating for optimal visibility and aesthetic joy. The lighting will also already be arranged in a way that suits an event. Easy as pie! No Wait Staff Hunting
For weddings hosted in blank or unfinished spaces, many couples forget that someone really should be running around putting things together before everyone gets there. Hiring a whole private wait staff can get expensive, and you really don’t want another thing you have to add to your list of “things to worry about” on your wedding day. Restaurant package deals usually come with a trained and capable wait staff who are more than familiar with the flow of a wedding.

No Difficult Parking
It may sound silly to worry about parking convenience in the midst of bigger considerations, but this really is something you should consider. Many non-restaurant venues (such as state parks) will actually charge for parking, and you don’t want your guests climbing steep unpaved lots to get to your out-of-the-way venue. The logistics of paying for guest parking ahead of time can be frustrating, and you really don’t need the added stress. Restaurants are usually good about ample, easy parking – check it out ahead of time! No Clean-Up
I have a good friend who was a maid of honor in a wedding recently, and the bride confided this to her about her proposed post-wedding clean-up: “People who love me will stay and clean.”
Please don’t expect your guests and/or bridal party to do this, especially if you’re taking off right after the reception concludes. Restaurants will take care of the cleaning for you, and you don’t have to saddle grandpa with a broom and dustpan at 2am.

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