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Thoughts about Wedding Party Gifts

A wedding party will vary in size and composition depending on a couple’s preferences, but one thing doesn't change: they deserve a thank-you. For most brides, the bridal party is an important support system during the planning process, attending fittings and tastings, holding your hand as you try to hold on to your self esteem and sanity, and standing up for you on your big day. They are there for you as you take your vows and pledge the rest of your life to your partner. I think that deserves some bath wash. So who counts as the wedding party? Certainly your bridesmaids and your maid of honor, but also your groomsmen and best man. Don’t forget about junior bridesmaids, flower girls, ring bearers, and parents, too. You aren’t breaking any major etiquette rules if you get something for your usher but not your flower girl, but thank-yous are always appreciated, even if they’re only a bath kit or a coloring book.   So, here are some ideas for bridal party gifts: Groomsmen: Think practical. Muted colors; leather, silver. Engraved flasks, personalized cuff links, martini glass set Bridesmaids: Something that they can wear during the ceremony; wedding keepsakes. A spa morning, matching earrings, clutches Mother: Wedding keepsakes Handkerchief (for the ceremony); wedding antiques; matching earrings Father: Similar to groomsmen gifts counterbalance wine holder, money clip Flower Girl: Try to include the flower girl with bridesmaid gifts. If she’s too young, less expensive jewelry for the ceremony. Ring Bearer: Something to keep his hands busy and his mind active. Backpack with small games and toys; crayons and coloring books
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Groomsmen Gifts Offer a Manly Touch of Gratitude

Say it Manly with Groomsmen Gifts

Groomsmen Gifts

It's not just the bride and her team that pull together the big day; groomsmen play just as big a role in the celebrations. Groomsmen organize the bachelor party, act as moral support through the planning process, and most of all - they stand up for the groom as he marries his bride. Show your appreciation for their support by offering them male versions of bridesmaid gifts: groomsmen gifts! Unfortunately, buying groomsmen gifts isn't as simple as stamping his name on a necklace or treating him to a spa day. How do you find groomsmen gifts that are the right balance of appreciation and masculinity? There are three go-to tips for finding the right groomsmen gifts: make sure he can wear it, drink with it, or grill with it. Groomsmen gifts are all the more appreciated when they're useful. Grilling tools never go unappreciated, and neither do beer mugs. For the fancier class of groomsmen gifts, consider cuff links, pocket watches, or flasks cased in leather. If it shines, holds beer, or is made out of the skin of an animal, chances are good that your groomsmen will never forget your groomsmen gifts.
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