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Irish Wedding Accessories Combine the Old with the New

Heritage and Elegance: Irish Wedding Accessories


Irish Wedding Accessories

  Irish wedding accessories are a popular addition to May weddings, even those not tied to Irish decent. The charm of Irish and Celtic flare is hard for any bride to resist. Irish wedding accessories usually feature a staple symbol of Celtic and Irish culture: the Celtic knot. The knot is usually an attached silver trinket that adds simple style and elegance to any cake server, toasting glass, unity candle, or cake topper. Irish wedding accessories also take a turn for the mythical and tradition-steeped, often featuring knotted pewter stemware and whimsical Irish Claddagh flower girl baskets.
It’s never hard to coordinate Irish wedding accessories, as they often follow a very predictable color scheme. Predictable isn’t a downside of these Irish wedding accessories, however; it’s actually quite the opposite. The shades of green and silver that adorn Irish wedding accessories make it very easy for a bride to put together a wedding that nods to Irish culture without drowning guests in it. At a green/garden/natural-feel wedding, Irish wedding accessories fit in perfectly. Irish wedding accessories are also wonderful gifts to couples who come from Irish backgrounds. Whether from a father to a daughter to carry on family tradition or from a family friend choosing to honor the heritage of the happy couple, Irish wedding accessories never disappoint.
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