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Custom-Designing your Own Wedding Dress!

One of the first rituals that most brides find themselves doing after getting engaged is the traditional ripping-open-of-bridal-magazines-and-clipping-out-dream-gowns-for-later-reference. Often a scrapbook or album will emerge from this ritual, filled with cut-and-pasted creations inspired by “I like this trim but not this skirt” or “This would be perfect without the top or the trim, and with this bow.” Many brides find themselves exasperated after days of bridal shop hunting, after it becomes more and more clear that compromise is part of the process. Many brides will find themselves less than happy after spending so much time crafting the perfect dream dress in their minds. The dress-shopping process can become even more disappointing if you’re a plus-size bride who’s found her options waning. The answer to this problem is more simple (and a lot less expensive) than you might think: Have a dress designed just for you!
Designers like Rose DeSimone Bridal offer gowns designed for you and your body, and the result is something that works and fits better than you could have possibly hoped for. Custom-designed gowns are a great way to end up with a quality dress for a bridal shop price tag. Instead of settling for a gown that you find off the rack (and compromising your vision for your wedding), a custom-designed dress will never disappoint. Here are some tips about the process of finding and purchasing custom-designed gowns from the experts at Rose De Simone Bridal: - Be clear and ask a lot of questions! Having a gown made just for you is a lot like getting your hair cut. If you aren’t clear about what you expect, you run the risk of getting a product you aren’t happy with. Ever get a super-short haircut when you wanted a bob because you weren’t clear about what “kind of short” meant? This situation is similar. - Make sure your designers take their own measurements. - Ask how far in advance you should order your dress. - Ask how long your designer has been designing/sewing. - A seamstress makes dresses from patterns, but a custom designer has the creative ability to make something unique and just for you! Know the difference when you’re shopping for your custom-made dream dress!
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Which accessory captures the spirit of wedding day romance and serves as perfect keepsake?

You can get some wonderful wedding garters of your choice with fascinating features. Depending on your tastes, you may opt for a simple albeit attractive or a jazzier yet elegant picks. Among our special recommendations is a magnificent Monogram elite garter that manages to capture the spirit of wedding day romance. It’s deftly embroidered with your very own marital monogram. Fashioned in super smooth satin and perfectly polished with a superb Swarovski crystal accent as well as sweet bow details, this garter is a precious piece. It’s available in white and ivory shades. You can get the garter (in white) embroidered at no additional cost with your monogram in light purple, sage, white, ivory, medium pink, red, aqua, chocolate or black thread. Beaded Elegance keepsake wedding garter is another lovely choice thanks to is crystal beadwork laced over sizzling chiffon. It helps make a contemporary wedding day statement on this beautiful bridal garter. Made with satin & organza, it carries a little pink rose bouquet in fine porcelain. Another wedding garter in cowboy western style looks adorable. It features a tiny rope bow aptly accented with a nice handmade porcelain Daisy. An elegant French lace garter, it has a pearl flower accent plus blue banding (specially for something blue!). To sum up, a gorgeous garter is a beautiful bridal accessory that not only meets a special wedding day tradition, but also adds a great finishing touch to with its classic appearance. It also makes for an ideal wedding keepsake!
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Fall wedding dress

Fall wedding dresses are very popular. They also take a lot of time to choose. Retailers are one of the most common places to search for fall wedding dresses. The greater the search options you have, the better the selection will be. The retailers store fall wedding dresses of tremendous variety. You will be spoilt for choice. There are also traditional dressmakers who can create beautiful fall wedding dresses tailored to a perfect fit as per your choice. Some brides prefer this one on one interaction and opt for dressmakers. Apart from this, you can also go to midrange and high end department stores that sell a wide assortment of fall wedding dresses. You must make at least a single visit to such stores even if it is only for ideas. One of the most popular choices for wedding dresses is the world wide web. You can find many online stores that will sell a variety of dresses of your choice. It provides you expert guidance and advice to buy wedding dresses for your special day. Make sure you buy your dress well in advance so that there are no last minute alterations that may destroy your peace of mind.
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Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding dress should be something very special to you. After all it is your special day and you would want to look your best. You need to do a thorough survey before zeroing in on any one. This has to be a relaxed job. You must not rush it. You can carry pictures of the gowns you like as a sample to your bridal consultants. You must take one of your bridesmaids with you for a second opinion. You can also involve all your friends and family for an opinion. Your jewelry should also be coordinated with the gown. On the D day, make sure that you save your dress from food or drink stains. You have to be very careful with the way you handle your dress. One small stain and your special dress is ruined. You must be careful about the flowers you use too as flowers have a tendency to stain. If you are carrying your dress to a different location on the day of your wedding, then you must make sure that you put them in water proof garment bags. Once you wear the dress, you must be very careful not to trip on it. Lift your skirt and walk. This way, you can also avoid it getting soiled.
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Wedding Dress Tips

The bridal wear is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. It is something that is talked about even after your wedding is over. So you need to choose your bridal dress properly. It should radiate your happiness. There are two ways to get your dress. You can buy it directly off the shelf or you can get it tailored. If you are buying it off the shelf, then you might want to do some research on it. You might have to consider the season of your wedding and your frame. You can opt for the traditional A-Line, Royal or Bell-bottom dresses or a tight fitting straight one. Nowadays you will find that couples are opting for multi-colored ones. Again you need to your body type in mind. If you are on the heavy side, then you need a dress that is close fitted. If you are thin, then you would need a bra fitted one that will make you look fuller. In case, you want your dress to be sewed, you can get a fashion designer to do it for you. Ensure that all the new trends are incorporated in your bridal wear. You can also get interesting accessories to compliment your bridal dress
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Make Bridal look complete with tiaras

Every woman wishes for a ‘dream wedding’ and she leaves no stone unturned to look like a princess on her wedding day. It is a true fact that bride is the center of attraction and whether men or women, everyone’s eye is on the bride only. Starting from the bride’s dress, veil to the bride’s hairstyle and tiaras, everything is looked at by the guests.

There is no denying the fact that it is bride’s dress that makes her body appear beautiful. But when it comes to the bride’s hairstyle, you cannot expect elegance and grace without beautiful tiaras. Its shimmering glitter can attract the attention of guests towards the bride as it adds to her overall personality. Moreover, you can match these tiaras according to the color of your dress and skin as it comes in beautiful colors of blue, green, azure and ruby. Bridal tiaras come exclusively designed with a wide range of stones ranging from Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls to crystal rhinestones and handmade beads.

Surely, a beautiful bridal tiara can give you an appearance of a fairy princess. Take a lookat our exclusive range of traditional as well as contemporary bridal tiaras

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