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Onyx Wedding Inspiration

Breaking free from being a black and white wedding, focusing on the gemstone, onyx, your wedding will not only feel classy, but have so much more meaning behind it! Meanings and Connections to the Onyx Gemstone for your Onyx Wedding Onyx has a somewhat strange story behind it's "mythical" creation: It is said that Cupid cut the fingernails from the goddess Venus while she slept, leaving the fingernail clippings in the sand. Then the fates turned them into stones. Now if your're thinking of your grooms gross clippings left in the family room, don't. This story shows how highly the stones were respected as coming from part of a goddess.  Another interesting little detail about Onyx is that if you dream about onyx, it is supposed to symbolize a happy life with your perfect match (aka happily ever after). It is also supposed to be a protection against dark forces and remove negativity out of your life. The stories and meanings connected to Onyx may not be quickly seen as romantic, however starting a marriage without negativity and being each other's perfect match in the presence of a goddess's nail clippings (okay maybe not the nail clippings part) is pretty romantic!

Styling your Onyx Wedding

Onyx Wedding : Bohemian-Texas-Wedding-Sage-Hill-Inn-Above-Onion-Creek-Geoff-Duncan (6 of 34) All of this aside, Onyx ( not just black! Use the stone!) creates a great texture for your decor. In order to stay away from it just being black, it is a good idea to have elements of the raw stone in your decor. Also, playing with geometric shapes can create a modern and earthy vibe. Ultimately, it is the perfect look for any contemporary couple.

An Onyx Opportunity

black and white wedding dress with black over white tulle If you want to be truly unique, be daring at try a black wedding dress! Black wedding dresses are not just for the girl who only wears black. It is as classy and beautiful as white - maybe just don't pair it with black eye shadow and black lipstick! Take it further and find a Grecian goddess styled gown to connect with Onyx's Venus roots!
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A Fun Wedding Tradition to Break

The Wedding Dress: White or not to White

It is traditional in many cultures to wear a white wedding dress. Surprise! Okay, so that isn't a big shocker. For the most part it has to do with representing purity or in some cultures, virginity.  Either way when someone says wedding dress, people think white.  Wedding dresses have grown in styles, but the traditional white is still the most dominant and breaking the trend of the white wedding dress is often the most statement making veer from tradition.  So if you run in a more traditional crowed - grandpa will have a heart attack if you walk down the aisle in a gorgeous ruby gown - be prepared for possible back lash. However, for those wanting a unique wedding dress, this can be one of the funnest wedding traditions to break

Jewel Toned GownVibrant Green Tory Burch Gown | Noa Griffel Photography | Jewel Tone Wedding Theme { 17 ideas to Use Jewel Tones } #jeweltone #wedding #fallwedding:

Really this could be any bold color, but jeweled tones are one hundred percent on trend this year. A jewel toned wedding dress would be keeping with top trends, but also be a huge step out of tradition! The key to still keeping the bridal look will be in all the styling. Imagine this unique wedding dress with an emerald lace veil and a bouquet of all white flowers. Can you say show stopper? 

Going all BlackStunning Black Lace & Tulle Unique Wedding Dress

A black wedding dress is most definitely not just for the goth bride. It actually creates a really vintage look, reminiscent of the 1800s and silhouettes.

Blushing Bride

Are you into blush wedding dresses?Blush wedding gowns aren't exactly new, but they are gorgeous! This alternative to the classic white keeps the same tone as the traditional wedding gown without falling completely in line. It is great when you really want the lace detail to pop!

Dip Dyed Wedding DressDip Dye Unique Wedding Dress + DIY Instructions see more at

Dip Dyed wedding dresses have made their way to front and center in 2017. This is a traditional gown with a twist ranging from something simple like what is pictured here, to a full ombre or blend of colors. This is a great option for that traditional bride that wants to break tradition and end up with a truly unique wedding dress!

A Unique Wedding Dress Print

Colourful Wedding Dress, Unconventional Dress More How gorgeous is this dress? Some might not think this would be "bridal enough", but it is unmistakably a princess moment. Imagine this with a gorgeous veil and the bridal look is unmistakable.

A See Through Wedding Dress

Im not really into wedding gowns but this one is exquisite. This unique wedding dress may be white but it definitely isn't traditional. Really, the fact that it is white is not going to be the first thing noticed when you arrive in this beautiful and sexy wedding dress. It almost looks as if the lace is a part of her, rather than something she is wearing.
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