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Top 5 Summer Wedding Color Palettes

Bright Blue & Fuchsia

Bright blue and fuchsia are a hot color
combo this summer. It is one of those bold combos that you may worry about becoming tacky, but if you do it right, it can be amazing!! For example, including the soft gold as an accent at this wedding lends a sophistication that might not have been there if they tried to pull in another bright color.
Check out our article "How to go Bold without Falling into Tacky" for more tips to make you bold and bright wedding color dreams come true!

Marigold & Poppy Red

Not only do poppy's and marigolds make for great summer wedding flowers, but they are shining examples of a perfect wedding color combo! 2018 is all about using nature as inspiration! It's a great way to pull in warm, rich colors without having to go over the top.
You can definitely expect to see a lot of weddings this summer with similar vibes as this tablescape!
If this wedding style speaks to you, take a look at some of our own rich and warm gold candle holders to build your own poppy and marigold wedding!Wedding Accessories for a Poppy and Marigold Wedding

Navy & Sage

Faux Flower Sola Flower Bouquet Navy Sage and Dusty Slate Blue Bridal Bouquet One of the airier color combos we are loving this summer, navy and sage make for a wonderfully romantic wedding.

Evergreen and Gold

Gold and Green Wedding Table Lucille Photo Gold seems to be a shining star this year and is showing up everywhere. It may have something to do with it's easy elegance and warmth that can make any wedding feel formal and inviting at the same time. Pair it with greenery and you've got yourself a pretty magical wedding color palette!


 Rainbow Weddings of 2018 Rainbow doesn't have to mean Care Bears and an 8 year old's birthday party. In fact, in the wedding world it 100% shouldn't mean that. Instead it can be a warm, vibrant, and fun wedding style that takes your breath away. We've been seeing rainbow weddings popping up all over and we LOVE it! Colored glass and candlesticks are some of our favorite wedding accessories to help pull this look off!
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A Bohemian Real Wedding with Victoria and Trevor

bohemian bride

Photography for V+T Wedding: Kara Rush Photography

Trevor and Tori met in 2012 while attending the same church. Many of their friends instinctively knew that they would be a good match and continually tried to set them up. After a several failed attempts, they gave in to their friends’ pushing prodding. Even then they thought going on a date would be primarily a fun night out and completely social. To their surprise, they found themselves inseparable after just one date.

They were engaged in October of 2013 and had only 3 months to plan their wedding!

“Trevor took me to a John Mayer concert at the Hollywood Bowl. All night I kept having this feeling that he was going to propose. By the time the concert was over, my brain was fried from thinking he was or wasn’t going to propose. On the way home, he took me to a vantage point overlooking Orange County where a picture of us, candles, succulent flowers, and some sparkling cider was set up. He got down on one knee and BAM!”

On January 3rd of 2014 this sweet couple was married in the LDS Temple in Newport. Following the private and quiet ceremony, they proceeded to the beautiful venue of Hillcrest Terrace of Fullerton. Their gorgeous bohemian chic wedding was full of laughs,elegance, and pure joy.

The Wedding Planning

mormon temple

The biggest concern for Victoria and Trevor was the guest list because their reception venue only allowed for 145 guests. Since they both have a large family, this meant limited room for friends and other important people in their lives.

For her wedding decorations and accessories, they mainly shopped at Hobby Lobby and did DIY projects. For example, for their table center pieces, they collected glass bottles, spray painted them gold, and then put baby breath in them. Projects like this make decorating easy and cheap if your are on a tighter budget.

The Wedding Look

Bohemian Bride Look

Victoria wore a beautiful floor length wedding gown dripping with lace. Her quarter length sleeves adds simple sophistication. Her favorite wedding accessory and the one piece that established her chosen bohemian bride look was her flower crown. When asked about it she said, “I personally think veils mess up your hair, get caught in the wind, and are expensive for a piece of fabric. I liked the flower crown look because it is so unique and easy to wear for a day. It established the bohemian, elegant but easy-going vibe I was looking for.” She was most certainly right and her wedding day look turned out flawless. FOR MORE ON HOW AN ACCESSORY CAN ESTABLISH A LOOK READ:

When getting ready on her wedding day, Victoria chose to get ready with only her mom. She said that since she was going to be getting married in a sacred and religious place in just hours, she wanted to respect that and not make a big party of getting ready. This is a great alternative to the festive rush of getting ready with your bridesmaids and surely provide some sweet moments between mother and daughter.

Wedding Photography


Her sweet groom, Trevor, wore a grey or Taupe suite and a light blue-mint tie. Their goal with their wedding looks was to keep things simple, but elegant.groomsmen in tan bridesmaids dressdownload film Why Him? now


They had a large bridal party and had them in gold and grey. For their color scheme they chose to go with neutrals because it was an easy way to keep things sophisticated. They added hints of peach and greens in their flowers (Done by Allie at -basically a very soft color pop! This worked great with the mismatch bridesmaid dresses and the groomsmen’s suit pants. Mismatch bridal parties is a huge trend now, but can be tricky with very specific color choices, bold colors, and small bridal parties.

The Reception

In N Out Wedding


To go with their fun personalities and their love for In-N-Out they actually had a In-N-Out food truck as the caterer of their wedding (To hire a food truck for your wedding click here)! This was a big hit with the wedding guests and became a special highlight of their wedding.

IN-N-OUT Wedding

Dancing at Weddings

For activities at their reception they had dancing and even a (volunteer) magician to entertain the kids! They had wanted to have a fire pit with s’mores, but their venue wouldn’t allow it. It is always important to keep in mind what you want in comparison to what your venue will allow.

wedding dance



wedding cake cutting

They also kept the wedding traditions of their first dance, wedding toasts, cutting the cake, and the send off. Cutting the cake, of course, turned playful with Victoria and Trevor somehow missing each other’s mouths.

Bubbles Send Off

They ended the night with a bubbly send off (Victoria had wanted sparklers, but again the venue could’t allow it due to regulations) and road off on Trevor’s motorcycle/scooter happily as husband and wife.


Bride and Groom Kiss

Congratulations to Victoria and Trevor! We hope your first year of marriage is as beautiful as your wedding day. Thank you for sharing!

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