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Fun Wedding Decorations Trend: Bunting and more Bunting

wedding decotationsIn our previous post, "Wedding Banner Trends: DIY Flower Garland", we mentioned the trend of bunting. The first time I heard of bunting, I was really confused, but once I saw a picture, like the one to the left, I realized I knew exactly what bunting was. You know, it is those triangle flag banner hanging things. Despite the difficulty in describing what bunting is, it ends up being a super fun wedding decoration and  a great banner style for a plethora of wedding themes.

Bunting can blend into just about any wedding theme as it easily customizable. It probably wouldn't be at home in a super formal wedding or at a church ceremony, but it works great with vintage themes, outdoor, country, travel themes, floral, and so many other themes and styles. This fun wedding decoration works across multiple platforms, but also adds a unique and cute look to your wedding decor that is just unexpected. Additionally, it is an easy DIY.

DIY Bunting Kits

DIY is the do-it-yourself mantra that is sweeping through weddings, but sometimes do-it-yourself can be overwhelming and more messy than productive. That is why finding a DIY kit for all your fun wedding decorations needs can give you a middle ground of doing it yourself minus having to figure out how to do it yourself. Bunting is a simple wedding decoration that can have intricate designs and print, but the put together can really be hassle free.

Fun Wedding Decorations

The paper bunting kits we have include 50 flag pennants, white satin hanging ribbon, a CD with templates, test printing sheets, and instructions. The whole goal is to help you create the unique look you want affordable and with the least amount of hassle.

And really bunting is just cute! They make a great filler decoration and pennants just seem to create a flirty atmosphere. They can be used in so many ways - be it at the cake table, as a cake topper, as reception decor, or at the bridal shower - making bunting one of the most fun wedding decorations. It just works for everything.

Which fun wedding decoration trends do you like best?

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Setting Up Bridal Shower Decorations

Designing Cohesive and Cost-Effective Bridal Shower Decorations

Bridal Shower Decorations

Hosting a bridal shower can sometimes become as stressful and difficult as planning a wedding. There’s guest lists, catering, planning, and – of course – decorating. Bridal shower decorations don’t get nearly as much spotlight as wedding decorations, but the aesthetics and ambiance of a bridal shower can’t be overlooked or ignored. The trick to beautiful bridal shower decorations is simplicity and consistency. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how much you saturate your venue in tissue paper – your bridal shower decorations should be cohesive and minimal. Paper bridal shower decorations are my personal favorite; they’re easy and they always look great. Think about paper bunting, confetti, and classy table numbers to tie your bridal shower decorations together. There’s no need to go crazy buying any and all bridal shower decorations you can. Find a theme and stick to it, but don’t go overboard. For bridal shower decorations, it’s all about beauty in simplicity.   The bride will love her bridal shower as long as she’s surrounded by the women who love her, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the bridal shower decorations! Photos from this event will be stacked next to the ones from the wedding itself – let your bridal shower decorations speak to the quality of the event!
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Wedding Table Runners - A Simple and Long-Lasting Accent

Say it with Wedding Table Runners

Wedding Table Runners

Personalized wedding table runners are a unique and exciting accent that will compliment any event's decor. Wedding table runner are already a staple at party rentals, as they add depth and stylistic complexity to your table arrangements, and they're perfect for tables that are showcasing simple centerpieces. Wedding table runners highlight the centerpieces without distracting from the overall design (and your guests don't have to move them to see each other). Wedding table runners are a great way to make sure your centerpieces and table designs pop without being overly showy.   The benefit for personalized wedding table runners over traditional wedding table runners is obvious: they offer another way to showcase your monogram on your wedding day. By adding your signature monogram (or names and wedding date), you add unity to the other pieces of wedding decor likely to display your initials as well. Personalized wedding table runners also make wonderful keepsakes after the big day. If they display your family name, they'll be a wonderful addition to the homes of your relatives - if they'll just be personalized with the names of the happy couple, they'll make a great addition to your dining room table. Personalized wedding table runners can be stored away for anniversaries and special occasions (not to mention for the eventual distribution to progeny), or they can be left out year-round to remind you of your love and commitment.
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Don't Stress About Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Keep Bridal Shower Centerpieces Simple

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

So you’ve been charged with decorating a bridal shower, huh? If you’re a friend or family member of the bride, this can be a daunting task. If you’re a bride, stop reading and go let one of your bridesmaids worry about it!
How will you know if you’re picking out the right decorations? What do you even use to decorate a bridal shower? Look no further, worried woman wonder! Bridal shower centerpieces are all you need to make your bride’s shower shine. Sure, everyone loves balloons, ribbons, and vaguely inappropriate gag gifts, but bridal shower centerpieces (if used correctly) can add an element of elegant simplicity that mirrors the theme and feel of a bridal shower. For the most part, you’re going to want to keep your bridal shower centerpieces simple. Don’t feel like you have to create towering works of art at every table (like you might at a wedding). Bridal shower centerpieces shouldn’t be in the way of important speakers or events. If you want accessories for the bridal shower centerpieces that go beyond flowers in a small vase, think about adding “bling” on a stick: little trinkets that stick out of floral arrangements. You can find some that fit your theme but don’t overpower the bridal shower centerpieces. For something different, try using candles or photo-frame vases as your bridal shower centerpieces. Overall, keep them simple and understated. You don’t want bridal shower centerpieces outshining the bride!
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