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Cartoon Cake Toppers add Color and Fun

Decorate with Cartoon Cake Toppers

Cartoon Cake Toppers

Were you and your future spouse glued to the television on Saturday mornings as children (or last weekend)? Celebrate your love of late nights on Cartoon Network with cartoon cake toppers! Cartoon cake toppers take the shape of all your favorite characters, including the Flintstones (and the Rubbles, if Barney and Betty were more your style), the Jetsons, The Simpsons, and every other famous animated couple. Cartoon cake toppers also showcase your personality to your friends and family on your wedding day. Did your courtship get a rocky start - just like Penelope and Pepe Le Pew or Lucy and Shroeder? Showcase those beginnings with cartoon cake toppers! Cartoon cake toppers don't have to come from the small screen - the Sunday Funnies can be inspiration as well. Many a romance blooms while sharing giggles in front of a newspaper on the living room floor - invite Garfield and Arlene or Blondie and Dagwood to take center stage on your unity dessert.   Cartoon cake toppers will add color and fun to your cake or display table on your wedding day, and they make even better keepsakes after the festivities have come to a close. Keep your cartoon couple close in your new home as a reminder of romance's ability to last through time.
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