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Versatility and Style: Cupcake Favor Boxes

Delicious and Adorable Cupcake Favor Boxes!

Cupcake Favor Boxes

Cupcakes are quickly becoming my favorite wedding dessert. They’re delicious, artistic, convenient, and kill two birds with one stone. Instead of splurging on favors and dessert, provide cupcake favor boxes to your guests so they can bring a little bit of the wedding home with them. Cupcake favor boxes are cute and inexpensive: a perfect match for a wedding on a budget; or any wedding for that matter! Cupcake favor boxes should be laid out by the dessert table where guests can see them either as they collect dessert or on their way out the door. Have your dessert table set up near the exit so no one misses your cupcake favor boxes.   Set up a display so your cupcake favor boxes aren’t just stacked in a boring utilitarian way. Make a small pyramid of a few pre-assembled ones so your guests get the right idea. No one will confuse your cupcake favor boxes with anything else, as most cupcake favor boxes have a window for your cupcake viewing pleasure.   There are plenty of styles of cupcake favor boxes to choose from – pick the ones that best suit the style of your wedding for an unforgettable favor surprise!
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