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Eco Friendly Wedding Guestbooks

Spring and summer weddings are great for embodying renewal, exuberance, and passion and one thing you may be passionate about that will add to this embodiment is using environmentally friendly materials in your daily life (and now your wedding). There are a lot of things you can do to create an Eco friendly wedding, but one small place you can start is with that paper filled guestbook that may one day sit on a shelf or in a box somewhere in your home.

For a Spring Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding Collectibles - Tiger Lily Bouquet Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook

Spring time is one season that people tend to be more aware of their environment: We see trees regrowing, flowers blossoming, and there is just that vibe in the air that tells that everything is new. Not only is this a great concept to have alongside a wedding where you are entering excitedly into a new life as a married woman, but it also openly invites an Eco friendly wedding focus. Additionally, you will find a lot of Eco friendly products featuring floral or earthy tones that tend to fit best with a spring wedding.

Peach Rose Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook

Floral Eco friendly guestbooks and pens like the one featured above will help you help the environment and create that blossoming wedding of your dreams

If you are looking for a more summery look or a beach theme Wedding Collectibles also has beach themed Eco friendly guestbooks and pens! Hawaiian Beach Ocean Themed Natural Paper Wedding Guestbook   The above wonderfully unique beach themed and Eco friendly guest book is perfect for a summer beach themed wedding. The natural Thai mulberry (Saa) paper coloring is even reminiscent of those soft sandy shores.

Beach Palm Tree Natural Paper Wedding Pen- Yellow

And to top off that beachy and Eco friendly look, you can include a handmade palm tree pen made out of the same Eco friendly products as your guestbook. You could even include these cute palm tree pens as part of your wedding favors!

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What are the products that constitute an eco friendly wedding category?

A popular theme for contemporary wedding celebrations revolves around eco friendly products, accessories and gifts like wedding place cards, wedding guestbook and thank you notes that cause little or no harm to the surroundings, or are absolutely nature friendly. In this category, you will come across a wide variety of environmentally friendly wedding products. One of our picks for an eco friendly wedding celebration is a set of lovely White Rose natural paper wedding place cards. The raw material used for making these place cards is a Thai mulberry (Saa) paper. This handmade natural paper is truly unique and bound to hold your attention. To add to its beauty, it’s embellished with cute, little white roses. If you are looking for an eco friendly and elegant addition to your wedding celebration, these charming place cards would be a perfect choice. Another product from the eco friendly line worth considering is White Rose wedding guestbook. This again is made of natural paper. The beautiful accessory is hundred percent environmentally friendly. The gorgeous guestbook is crafted out of thai mulberry (Saa) paper just like he wedding place cards. And this too, has been decorated with pretty burgundy paper roses that are handmade. Each of its pages contains 2 columns, and about 7 lines to fit nearly 280 signatures. Isn’t it a wonderful addition to you wedding reception?
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What are the options to convey your concern for the environment on your wedding day?

The concept of the green wedding is indeed quite fascinating. To help you in making it a reality, we shall like to recommend a host of wedding accessories such as guest books and favors that are both environmentally and socially responsible items. Not just that all the packing materials that come along with them are biodegradable. Mention must be made of a White Heart natural paper wonderful wedding thank you note card that is sure to draw everyone’s attention. This is a delicate as well as environmentally friendly product, which looks beautiful. Made from Thai mulberry paper, it’s heart shaped in keeping with the spirit of the occasion! The handmade natural Saa paper gives a fabulous feel to it. To add to its beauty, it’s embellished with white dried flowers. This is a perfect gesture for expressing your gratitude towards friends, family and loved ones for all their gifts of support on the day of your wedding. White Rose Bow natural paper wedding Guestbook is another absolutely gorgeous product that is friendly for environmental, something that you sure will appreciate. The guestbook for which handmade natural paper is used has ample provision for remarks and signatures. It’s embellished with white paper roses & bow, which too, are handmade! In fact, there are many such products that form part of an eco friendly wedding category that you can look for online just at the click of a button.
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