What are the options to convey your concern for the environment on your wedding day?

The concept of the green wedding is indeed quite fascinating. To help you in making it a reality, we shall like to recommend a host of wedding accessories such as guest books and favors that are both environmentally and socially responsible items. Not just that all the packing materials that come along with them are biodegradable. Mention must be made of a White Heart natural paper wonderful wedding thank you note card that is sure to draw everyone’s attention. This is a delicate as well as environmentally friendly product, which looks beautiful. Made from Thai mulberry paper, it’s heart shaped in keeping with the spirit of the occasion! The handmade natural Saa paper gives a fabulous feel to it. To add to its beauty, it’s embellished with white dried flowers. This is a perfect gesture for expressing your gratitude towards friends, family and loved ones for all their gifts of support on the day of your wedding. White Rose Bow natural paper wedding Guestbook is another absolutely gorgeous product that is friendly for environmental, something that you sure will appreciate. The guestbook for which handmade natural paper is used has ample provision for remarks and signatures. It’s embellished with white paper roses & bow, which too, are handmade! In fact, there are many such products that form part of an eco friendly wedding category that you can look for online just at the click of a button.