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Fun Ways to Ask Your Best Gal to be Your Maid of Honor

Fun Ways to Ask Your Best Gal to be Your Maid of Honor Choosing your Maid of Honor is an important decision and one that you will want to make early on because depending on how involved you decide to make her role, she will be your right hand girl to help you through all of your wedding planning and any wedding drama. Now, once you have chosen who you want your maid of honor to be, you have to ask her! It is a big honor and a big responsibility, so ask in a creative way! Ideas on How to Ask 1. Plain and simple: Take her out to lunch or go get your nails done together and just spit it on out! Don't be nervous. It is not a marriage proposal!  2. If you know it is a done deal and your bestie is a social media guru, then why not post a picture of the two of you, or even a collage, and tag her in it with the caption "Me and My Maid of Honor"  Will You Be My Maid of Honor - Bridesmaid Cards - Chalkboard Card - Wedding Calligraphy  Personalized Heart Necklace 3. Make her a card or order a cute "will you be my maid of honor" card on Etsy and pair it with a personalized necklace as a symbol of her role in your wedding and your life. This is one you can give in person, or if she lives long distance you can mail it!!  "maid of honor" Wedding Transfer 4. Using one of our wedding collectibles "maid of honor" transfers, create a maid of honor t-shirt! By using a transfer you can choose any t-shirt in any color. This means you have full control over the cut and fit and can choose a shirt in one of your wedding colors. If you have multiple wedding colors, or just love everything colorful, another option would be to do a tie dye shirt!     
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The Right Maid of Honor Gift for the Perfect Maid of Honor!

A Perfect, Personal Maid of Honor Gift

Maid of Honor Gift

  Your Maid of Honor has been there for you through thick and thin during the ordeal that is wedding planning; how should you thank her in a way that is both meaningful and budget-conscious? A well-picked Maid of Honor gift starts with knowing your Maid of Honor: Is she a foodie? Does she love the outdoors? Is she constantly glued to her phone? Try to select a Maid of Honor gift that suits her personality and her needs. How do you make it personal? The key to a beautiful and personal Maid of Honor gift is personalization by means of names and monograms. Find something that suits her lifestyle, personalize it to show that you thought of her in particular, and voila! A beautiful Maid of Honor gift worthy of the girl who's stuck with you through everything. Having trouble deciding on where to start for a Maid of Honor gift, or not sure what would fit her needs? Consider something that fits in with her needs for the wedding, such as a personalized makeup clutch or wedding tote. These items make a wonderful Maid of Honor gift but can still be used after the big day. Knowing your Maid of Honor is the first step toward a wonderful Maid of Honor gift, but there are some items that are universal! Good luck on your hunt for the right Maid of Honor gift!
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Gifting a Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bag

Ideas for Giving a Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bag

Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bag

If you’re trying to find just the right gift to give to your beloved bridesmaids during the rehearsal dinner, look no further than a cute bridesmaid cosmetic bag. A bridesmaid cosmetic bag is a useful gift that any member of your bridal party will use and enjoy, not just on your wedding day, but well into the future! A bridesmaid cosmetic bag is a small pouch that your maids can use to tote essentials around during the big day. Purses and tote bags are cumbersome, but a matching and/or personalized bridesmaid cosmetic bag will be easy to cart around as the day becomes more and more hectic.   It’s easy to personalize a bridesmaid cosmetic bag for both your wedding and your close group of girlfriends. Many a bridesmaid cosmetic bag can be personalized with the titles or names of your maids, and finding a matching set for everyone will make this handy satchel an essential part of their outfits! Find a bridesmaid cosmetic bag that works with the theme or color scheme of your big day, and you won’t have to worry about the little bags standing out throughout the day!   A bridesmaid cosmetic bag also works as a cute way to ask your friends and family members to become a part of your bridal party. Fill a bridesmaid cosmetic bag with her favorite goodies as a cute and fun way to “propose” to your bridesmaids and maid of honor!
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Handling Common Bridesmaid Issues

Hopefully you picked your bridesmaids because they are close to you and you want to share your big day with them, and they with you. There are sometimes familial political rulings that occur without your consent, but there's nothing you can do now but make the best of it. Here are a few pointers when you're faced with a few common bridesmaid headaches in the months before you say "I do":   She asks to be a bridesmaid This happens at most weddings, but you really don't have to cave to anyone, no matter what. Like building a guest list, you should be surrounding yourself with the bridesmaids that you choose, not the ones chosen for you. If someone tries to force a new bridal party member on you, be kind but firm. "I'm sorry, but we've already chosen our bridesmaids, but I can't wait to see you and your husband at the wedding!"
Don't try to lessen the sting of rejection by offering her a side job. No one wants to set up place cards or man the dessert table as some kind of a consolation prize - that's more like work. She drops out of the wedding If your maid drops out of the wedding unexpectedly, you should be more concerned as to why than the uneven sides in wedding photos. Is it a money issue? Does your maid know that she doesn't have to throw you parties and showers? The most a bridesmaid is required to do is buy the dress and show up on the wedding day. If the dress is an issue, would you be willing to pick up the tab? Let them wear dresses they already own? If your bridesmaid really isn't sure that she can stand up for you without a major inconvenience on her part, be gracious and tell her that you hope she can still make it as a guest. No big deal.
Don't replace her. Not only will that potentially ruin your friendship, it will hurt the bridesmaid you use to take her place. She'll feel B-listed, no matter what she says. She's good enough to stand in pictures to even out sides but not to be a chosen the first time around? Nuh-uh.   She gets a tattoo So your bridesmaid has a forearm-sized tall ship on her back and you have backless bridesmaid gowns. What should you do? Nothing. There is no way to approach this issue without hurting your maid's feelings. She has made a permanent change to her body, and by making an issue of it, you are telling her that her new appearance is ugly and you don't want it in your pictures. Your maids can't put their lives on standby during the time leading up to your big day, so no matter what happens to her before the big day (including belly-swelling pregnancies!), she's as is, baby.
Don't tell her to cover up, even if she got the ink after she accepted the position. Your bridesmaids aren't just props in pictures, they're your friends. Smile as her new purple butterfly chest piece clashes with her orange dress; her permanent fashion choice doesn't reflect in any way on you.
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Selecting the Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid gifts


Selecting the perfect bridesmaid gifts:

By the time your wedding rolls around, your bridesmaids will have been there for you through thick and thin. They were the ones who sat up for hours in your apartment tying ribbons on the programs and organizing escort cards. They were also the ones who (hopefully) threw your shower and bachelorette party. And on your big day, they will stand with you as you commit your life to the one you love. Show them that you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication with the perfect bridesmaid gifts. How should you select the bridesmaid gifts right for your bridesmaids? Try to find bridesmaid gifts that fit either the personality of your bridesmaids or the theme and feel of you wedding (or both!). Many brides opt for bridesmaid gifts that their girls can wear during the ceremony and/or reception, such as jewelry or bedazzled sandals - and other brides choose bridesmaid gifts that their maids will use forever in their home (such as personalized glasses or tote bags). Any bridesmaid gifts that can be personalized with their names, your names, or your wedding date is a big plus, because your girls are sure to think of you (and the great time they had helping with your wedding) for years to come.
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