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How to Keep Your Wedding Cake Topper Keepsake

How to Keep Your Wedding Cake Topper Keepsake

Language of Love Forever Wedding Cake Topper Figurine

When we say "how to keep" your cake topper we basically mean, "what the heck do you do with it after the wedding?" Wedding cake toppers are beautiful, sentimental, and are the type of keepsake that you could potentially pass down to your future children. Even if your wedding cake topper is not ideal for being handed down through the generations and is instead a uniquely you design, it is still a memento and symbol of your special wedding day and because of this we recommend keeping that beautiful wedding cake topper out of a storage box and instead put on display!

Wooden Keepsake Display Stand

When displaying your cake topper there are a few things you should consider: First is the break-ability of your cake topper, second is the size of your cake topper, and third is the style of your cake topper. For example, if your cake topper is more comedic it probably won't mesh in a formal living room displayed in a glass case, and contrarily, if you have a crystal or porcelain wedding cake topper, then you won't want it to be on a entry table that is easily bumped or a coffee table that is frequently in use. If you have a particularly small cake topper you may consider creating a wedding day shadow box that includes the cake topper, your wedding bouquet, handkerchief, a photo, and other wedding keepsakes. A wedding day shadow box is a fun and creative way to display your wedding keepsakes, but if you are looking for something simpler, more transitional, and focused on your wedding cake topper, something like the above wooden display stand would be ideal. This stand incorporates your cake topper, a personalized message, and wedding photo. By having a display stand you can designate a less-bump-able/please-don't-touch room decor, while keeping it open and  a less museum-serious-glass-case display.


You spend so much time planning every detail of your wedding from picking out your wedding dress to selecting your wedding cake topper, and then it is over in just the blink of an eye. Let you wedding cake topper stand as a reminder of the planning, joy, and love of that special day. 

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Don't Stress About Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Keep Bridal Shower Centerpieces Simple

Bridal Shower Centerpieces

So you’ve been charged with decorating a bridal shower, huh? If you’re a friend or family member of the bride, this can be a daunting task. If you’re a bride, stop reading and go let one of your bridesmaids worry about it!
How will you know if you’re picking out the right decorations? What do you even use to decorate a bridal shower? Look no further, worried woman wonder! Bridal shower centerpieces are all you need to make your bride’s shower shine. Sure, everyone loves balloons, ribbons, and vaguely inappropriate gag gifts, but bridal shower centerpieces (if used correctly) can add an element of elegant simplicity that mirrors the theme and feel of a bridal shower. For the most part, you’re going to want to keep your bridal shower centerpieces simple. Don’t feel like you have to create towering works of art at every table (like you might at a wedding). Bridal shower centerpieces shouldn’t be in the way of important speakers or events. If you want accessories for the bridal shower centerpieces that go beyond flowers in a small vase, think about adding “bling” on a stick: little trinkets that stick out of floral arrangements. You can find some that fit your theme but don’t overpower the bridal shower centerpieces. For something different, try using candles or photo-frame vases as your bridal shower centerpieces. Overall, keep them simple and understated. You don’t want bridal shower centerpieces outshining the bride!
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