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Reflect your Personalities with Casual Cake Toppers

Casual Cake Toppers Work for Any Style

Casual Cake Toppers

Want a cake topper for your special day but you’re not sure if the typical hand-holding bride and groom are really your style? Many brides who are hosting more casual affairs sometimes have this problem. Luckily, there are many casual cake toppers for the laid-back couple who aren’t looking for anything fancy on their wedding day.   Casual cake toppers go great for the couple looking for a piece for their cake that doesn’t have quite the stuffiness of some traditional cake toppers. Casual cake toppers often feature couples in laid-back positions with their shoes off engaged in a little PDA (but nothing that would give grandma a heart attack!). Casual cake toppers might still feature a bride and groom in their traditional wedding garb (suit, white dress, etc), but that doesn’t mean that you have to match outfits on your big day. If you’re having a fancy to-do with some casual cake toppers to show your chilled side, that’s cool too. Casual cake toppers are more about the spirit of the couple than the actual reflection of the day’s garb. Casual cake toppers reflect who you and your new spouse are as a couple: chilled, relaxed, and ready for a lifetime of married bliss!
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