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Bridal Kit

You will need a bridal survival kit on your big day. No matter how much you have planned, there are still chances of things going haywire at the eleventh hour. So you must have a back up plan ready. Keep you survival kit ready. Get a small cloth bag and put the following things in it: •    A pair of pantyhose.
•    A sewing kit for last minute rips.
•    A bottle of clear nail polish in case you chip your polish on something.
•    A hairspray in case the weather decides to mess up your hair.
•    Enough tissues so that you can take care of those inevitable tears.
•    Make up kit for touch ups at the last moment.
•    Gums and mints for a fresh first kiss.
•    Safety pins of a variety of sizes.
•    Medicines for headache as you are sure to have it sometime during the day.
•    Bobby pins to keep your hair under control.
•    Napkins or tampons even though it may not be your due date.
•    First aid for any cuts or burns. You never know when you might need these things. So it is better to keep it handy for emergency.
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